13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You TONS! (2022)

Walmart prides itself on its wide range of low-cost items and Everyday Low Price” promise

But if you want more than just an “Everyday Low Price,” Walmart clearance offers plenty of opportunities for you to get even more money off – if you know where to look! 

Here are 13 of the most mind-blowingmoney-saving Walmart hidden clearance hacks. Let’s get started!

13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks You’ll Want To Keep Secret!

13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Tips That Will Save You Tons!

1. Use The App To Find Walmart Hidden Clearance Deals In-Store

Clearance items at Walmart will be marked with a yellow sticker that displays the discounted priceWhile this lower price is likely to be a good deal already, there’s aeasy way to find out if there’s a better one. 

Using the Walmart app on your smartphone, open the barcode scanner and scan the yellow sticker’s barcodeThe clearance item you’ve found in-store will pop up – and probably with an even lower price!

This is because prices at Walmart.com are usually lower than the prices you’ll find in-store.

2. Find Hidden Clearance Deals On The Walmart Website

Scouring through the Walmart website for the best deals can get pretty boringBut did you know that there’s a way of searching just for discounted items?  

To find the clearance deals hidden on the website, all you have to do is type “clearance” into the search barJust like that, every on-sale item on the website will pop upAnd, if you want to find something specific, refine your search in the sidebar. 

You can also search for clearance items within a specific price range. For example, if you’re after items on sale for $10 or less, all you have to do is type “clearance under $10” into the search bar 

3. Find Cheaper Clearance Prices Under Clearance Tags

Those yellow clearance stickers might signpost a good deal, but it’s been uncovered that Walmart sometimes puts even lower mark-down prices underneath them!

This won’t be the case for every clearance item in every Walmart, but it’s always worth a look.  

4. Price Match Hidden Clearance Items At The Checkout

Price Match Hidden Clearance Items At The Checkout

When you’ve found an in-store clearance item on offer for a lower price on the Walmart app, take the product and your phone to the register.

While the Walmart price match policy no longer allows you to match competitor prices in-storethey will match the price of identical items available on the Walmart website and app 

Additionally, Walmart customers can price match Amazon.com online, which is another great hack for getting clearance items, even if they are not on sale at Walmart!

5. Know When To Shop For Clearance Items 

Walmart will usually markdown items for clearance in the first five days of the month and keep marking them down until they are soldSo always be on the ball for savings at the start of the month!

6. Price Tags Predict Future Price Drops

There is a super simple way of checking whether the price of a clearance item is about to be reduced even further, just by looking at the price tag.

A yellow clearance sticker that ends with a “5” or a “0 indicates that it has been marked down for the first timeSo, it’s likely that it will be knocked down even further later on. However, a price ending with a “1 denotes that the price has been marked down to the absolute lowest it will go.

7. Unlock Hidden Clearance Prices For Full Price Products 

Unlock Hidden Clearance Prices For Full Price Products 

The items that you scan on Walmart’s app don’t even have to be marked with a yellow clearance sticker to be found in the Walmart hidden clearance section. 

You can scan any item in any Walmart store, and chances are there will be some price drop available on the app.

8. Don’t Forget To Get Free Delivery

Once you’ve found the items in your local Walmart store that you can buy for a hidden clearance priceyou can order them all at once through the app or on the website.

And, as long as your order total is more than $35, you can get them delivered for free straight to your door!

9. Time Your Hidden Clearance Purchases Well

Time Your Hidden Clearance Purchases Well

While it is possible to get these discounted products in-storeWalmart reserves the right to limit price matching to one item per customer per daySo you’ll have to get smart about when you make your purchases.

Find the best-hidden clearance deals, and you can always come back in the following days to grab them while they’re still available.

 10. Clearance Items Could Be Hidden In Plain Sight

When you’re on the lookout for specific products at the best possible prices, it’s worth looking beyond the clearance section itself. Many clearance items will be displayed on the end caps of aisles, so keep an eye out.

11. Use Social Media To Find Walmart Clearance Items

A great way to find good clearance deals at Walmart is to search on social media! Many people will post what they find on hashtags like #walmartclearance, often with a link to the product and which store they found it in.

Just remember that clearance deals will vary depending on location.

12. Find Out If Your Store Has A Clearance Item

10. Find Out If Your Store Has A Clearance Item

If someone posts about a great deal in the Walmart clearance hashtag but you’re not sure if it’s available in your store, you can check online. All you need is the product’s SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number, which you can find by searching for the item on the Walmart website. The SKU is the eight-digit number at the end of the product’s URL.   

Simply head over the BrickSeek to input the SKU number and your zip code, and it will tell you if your local Walmart store has that item on clearance.  

13. Ask Around For The Best Clearance Deals

As savvy as you might be with your savings, the people with the best insights into Walmart’s clearance deals will be those that work there. They’ll know exactly where to look for those hard-to-find, hidden clearance items!

If you want great deals on products in a specific department, ask a Walmart sales associate where to find them.

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