Amazon Book Return Policy 2022 (Claims, After 30 Days + More)

Whether it’s a suspenseful mystery or funny memoir, a good book allows you to unwind after a long day.

If you love reading like me, you’ve probably looked at books for sale on Amazon. However, you may be wondering what is Amazon’s book return policy?

I was also curious about this, so I started researching, and here is all the info I found! 

What Is Amazon’s Book Return Policy In 2022?

Amazon accepts book returns within 30 days after shipment for a full refund as of 2022. Amazon customers can return books directly through the orders on your Amazon account, or contact Amazon for help if it’s been more than 30 days or you got the wrong book order. Additionally, most third-party booksellers on Amazon Marketplace offer a similar book return policy.

Keep reading for our full guide on Amazon’s book return policy, including how the book return process works and if you can return damaged books!

How Do Amazon Book Returns Work?

The vast majority of Amazon books for sale fall under the e-commerce retailer’s 30-day return policy. If the book shipped to you within the last month, you should be good to go for a return, so long as it’s still in good condition.

Remember that some third-party merchants and select items may not fall under Amazon’s standard return guidelines.

However, you can easily confirm the return policy for your book before buying on the product detail page, or within your account orders.

To process a return, you need to click the return button by the book order in your account. You will be prompted to select the reason for the return before receiving a shipping label to print out, so you can send the book back to Amazon.

Can You Return Amazon Books After 30 Days?

While Amazon’s standard return policy covers 30 days from receipt of shipment, sometimes you can return books and other items after 30 days. 

If the return option no longer appears next to your book but you still want a return and refund, you can select the help option to connect with an Amazon associate.

One thing to note is that there is no guarantee that Amazon will accept the return after 30 days, but it’s worth a try.

Keep in mind that if Amazon does take back your book after more than 30 days, it’s likely you will need to pay a shipping and restocking fee.

Does Amazon Accept Damaged Book Returns?

Does Amazon Accept Damaged Book Returns?

Amazon accepts damaged book returns if the book arrived damaged in the box. It’s best to take a picture and get in touch with Amazon right away to let them know about the damage.

If too much time passes and the return period is no longer valid, you are less likely to get a refund from Amazon for damaged books.

Additionally, if you can start the return/refund process within 30 days, you shouldn’t have any issues.

In the case that your book is not eligible for returns, such as with some third-party sellers, you can contact Amazon directly to discuss the book damage and what they may do for you.

Depending on the condition of the book, Amazon may issue a refund without return. They may also send you a replacement free of charge if you prefer. 

Can You Return Amazon Books If It’s The Wrong Order?

Amazon does not require you to return incorrect orders, although you may want to anyway.

If you have a mishap with a book order and receive the wrong titles, it’s best to contact Amazon and let them know about the mistake.

This means Amazon staff can check to see if the correct books were also shipped to you and are on their way, or if there was an error at the warehouse.

To ensure the right books arrive at your home, request help on your order and inform Amazon of the issue.

If Amazon messed up, they should provide you with a shipping label so you can send the books back free of charge.

What Does Amazon Do With Returned Books?

Amazon is a massive marketplace for books of all genres, with millions of titles available at any given time. While Amazon is known for its impressive selection of new books, there are many used books available too.

If you return a book to Amazon in good condition, it may be resold to other shoppers. Amazon warehouse staff will carefully inspect the book’s pages and covers to ensure quality and assign a used condition label before selling.

Speaking of returned books, if you want something else to read, you can save money by shopping used books on Amazon. These titles might have been previously returned by other shoppers and could be 20-60% cheaper than new titles.

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Amazon accepts most books as part of its 30-day return policy. Always check the listed return policy on the product detail page before buying just to be sure.

To return a book, just log into your account and select the book from your orders. Click the return button to start the process or click help if you need extra assistance from an Amazon associate. You may get a good deal on previously returned books when shopping for used titles on Amazon too.

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