Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

Amazon offers a variety of perks with their delivery, such as Prime, free two-day shipping, and other similar benefits. In most cases, customers are able to rely on Amazon’s delivery services.

However, customers have occasionally found that their package has been sent to the wrong recipient, and are unsure what to do. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I learned!

Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

If a customer’s package was sent to the wrong address, they must contact Amazon customer service through their 1-800 number and report the issue. If the issue was caused by the delivery service, Amazon will refund customers for the inconvenience. However, this may vary if the customer accidentally selected the wrong address when ordering.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get a refund if your package hasn’t arrived, who is held responsible for wrongful deliveries and more, keep reading this article for useful tips and information!

Why Did my Amazon Package Get Delivered to the Wrong Address?

There are a few main reasons why an Amazon package was sent to the wrong address.

One of the most common reasons is customers may have misspelled their address, so the courier took the package to the address that matched it.

Another reason is if a customer has recently moved and neglected to update their address.

However, delivery mistakes are generally made due to the courier misreading the label on the Amazon package.

Nevertheless, customers are urged to review their address on the order page before placing an order to ensure their address has been accurately typed in.

Does Amazon Refund Packages Sent to the Wrong Address?

If customers haven’t received their package and it was delivered to the wrong address, they can request a refund from Amazon.

Customers can request a refund by doing the following:

  1. Login to your Amazon account and head to the Your Orders page.
  2. Locate the order that was wrongfully delivered and select the “Problem with your order” option.
  3. After selecting “Problem with your order,” select “Request refund” and type the issue in the text box explaining that the package was delivered to the wrong address.
  4. Hit “Submit” and check back regularly for an update on the refund request.

If customers would prefer to discuss the delivery issue with a real person, they can call Amazon’s customer service number, explain the issue and request a refund.

The customer service representative may also offer to replace the items ordered with a new order, though this may vary depending on the representative customers talk to.

Customers should note that Amazon may not offer a refund if the delivery mistake was caused by the customer entering incorrect information about their address. However, this may vary.

Are Amazon Drivers Accountable for Wrongful Deliveries?

Are Amazon Drivers Accountable for Wrongful Deliveries?

Most Amazon delivery drivers do not work directly for Amazon, and are therefore not held accountable by Amazon for packages that weren’t properly delivered.

However, the delivery services that work with Amazon may be notified if a delivery error was reported, and the service may choose to hold their driver accountable if they are aware of who delivered the item.

Nevertheless, Amazon has stated that they claim no responsibility for actions taken by the delivery services they work with.

However, this may vary with Prime deliveries, which are generally fulfilled by drivers employed by Amazon.

Does Amazon Hold Sellers Responsible for Wrongful Deliveries?

If customers purchase an item from an Amazon third-party seller, that seller is only accountable for a form of violation or abuse taken against the customer.

Therefore, sellers are not generally held accountable for issues with shipping and handling.

However, if customers feel the delivery issue was caused by the third-party seller, they can contact the seller directly.

If the issue was caused by the seller, they may offer a refund or replacement.

Can I Keep Amazon Packages Sent to my Address by Mistake?

If a recipient receives an Amazon package they didn’t order, they are recommended to notify Amazon about the mix up by contacting customer service.

While recipients may not face any repercussions for keeping the package, Amazon may occasionally receive a tracking notification that the package was misdelivered and a delivery driver may come to their address asking about the package.

Therefore, customers should rectify the situation by alerting Amazon customer service to the mistaken delivery, which they can do by phoning customer service or using the instant message feature on

How Do I Return a Package to Amazon I Didn’t Order?

If customers have received a package from Amazon by mistake, they can alert Amazon to the situation by calling Amazon customer service and giving them the tracking number, recipient name and address on the package.

If Amazon is able to track down the original order, they will have a delivery driver pick up the package from the recipient’s home and send it to the correct address.

However, if Amazon cannot rectify the situation, customers are allowed to simply keep the package. As well, if the customer’s phone number is present on the package, customers may also attempt to phone them and arrange a private exchange.

Customers are recommended to contact Amazon first, however, in order to respect the privacy of the customer who placed the order, and only contact them directly if Amazon is unable to rectify the situation.

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If a customer’s package is sent to the wrong address, they can contact Amazon customer service by phoning 1-877-586-3230, where Amazon will either attempt to recover the package, issue a refund or a replacement package if they cannot locate the original item.

As well, if a customer receives a package from Amazon that they didn’t order, they can alert Amazon customer service and offer the tracking number, recipient name and home address listed on the package. Recipients may keep the order if the situation is not rectified.

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