Amazon Kindle Return Policy 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

Amazon sells a number of devices under their brand name, such as the Amazon Fire Tablet, the Echo Alexa and Fire TV. One of their more popular devices, though, is the Kindle e-Reader.

However, if customers purchase a Kindle and would like to return it, they may be curious as to Amazon’s return policy for Kindle. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see the information I gathered on this topic!

Amazon Kindle Return Policy In 2022

Amazon’s return policy for the Kindle e-Reader falls under the “Amazon Devices” return policy. Customers can return their Kindle within 30 days of receiving their device, as long as it’s in the same condition as when it was originally ordered. Additionally, Kindles can be returned, replaced, or repaired if they arrive defective or damaged.

If you’d like to learn more about how to process a return for an Amazon Kindle, which reasons for return are acceptable for a Kindle, and more, keep reading this article for more facts and tips!

Can I Return an Amazon Kindle For Any Reason?

Customers who would like to issue a return for their Kindle can do so for many reasons, such as not finding the software easy to use, not finding any kindle books they enjoy, or simply not liking the device and wishing to get rid of it.

However, customers cannot return a Kindle to Amazon if it is damaged or the interface is defective due to the customer tampering with the device or breaking it. If the damage is the fault of the purchaser, Amazon will reject the return request.

Can I Return a Kindle to Amazon That’s Been Opened?

If customers have opened the Kindle box and wish to return it shortly after, they are able to do so as long as the packaging is still in good condition.

Amazon requires their devices to be returned in all original packaging, otherwise, the return will be rejected when it reaches the returns center.

Therefore, customers are advised to gently open their Kindle and save the box, in order to avoid any issues when attempting to return the device.

Can I Return a Damaged Kindle to Amazon?

Can I Return a Damaged Kindle to Amazon?

Generally, customers cannot return a Kindle to Amazon if they have personally damaged the device through tampering.

As well, Amazon will reject Kindle returns if customers have damaged their device, brought it to a repairs shop, and had it unsuccessfully tampered with.

However, Amazon may take back a damaged Kindle under certain circumstances. For example, one customer successfully returned five Kindles to Amazon and had them replaced or repaired from damages they caused.

Therefore, Amazon may be more lenient in some situations depending on the customer service representative customers are dealing with or the circumstances surrounding the damage caused.

Nevertheless, Amazon will always accept Kindles for return or replacement if they were damaged or defective upon arrival.

Do I Have to Pay Shipping Fees to Return a Kindle to Amazon?

If customers wish to return a Kindle to Amazon, they will not have to pay shipping fees, as Amazon’s policy states that customers should be fully satisfied with their order and have the freedom to return it if it doesn’t meet their needs.

However, if customers return a Kindle to Amazon for repairs, and are dishonest about the state of the damage or the cause of it, Amazon may charge their card for the shipping fees as well as a portion of the cost of the repairs.

How Do I Return a Kindle to Amazon?

If customers would like to return their Kindle to Amazon, they can do so by utilizing the following method:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and select Accounts & Lists > Content & Devices.
  2. Select the device that you wish to return, and using the menu, select “Deregister.”
  3. Next, head to the Returns Center and print a mailing label.
  4. Place the Kindle in the original packaging, and place the mailing label on the packaging.

Customers should note that if they return their Kindle a few days after the 30-day return window, Amazon reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee.

Additionally, if customers return their Kindle more than 30 days after the initial 30-day return window, Amazon will not process a refund.

How Do I Return Kindle Books on Amazon?

If customers wish to return books on their Kindle device rather than their Kindle, they can do so by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and select Accounts & Lists > Manage Your Content & Devices > Content.
  2. Search for the book title you wish to return, select the three dots […] and select “Return this book” which will show up in the pop-up window.
  3. Select “Yes” to confirm the return for your book.

Customers should note that if they also wish to return their Kindle device, Amazon does require that all downloaded content be removed from the device.

However, customers are not required to return the books they downloaded and can keep their content in their content library if they are planning to purchase another Kindle device.

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Amazon’s return policy for Kindles falls under their “Amazon Devices” return policy, which states that customers can return a Kindle within 30 days of being originally received.

As long as the device is in the same condition as when it was initially purchased, customers may process a return. However, Amazon will not take back a Kindle that has been damaged by the recipient.

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