Are Subway Drinks Refillable In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Subway is best known for its freshly-made food options, including sandwiches, salads, and soups, which offer a healthy alternative to fast food. However, Subway also provides a selection of drinks for customers in stores to accompany their meals.

However, customers may wonder if Subway drinks are refillable, how you can refill your drinks at Subway, and which drinks you have to pay for. After doing some digging, here is what I’ve discovered!

Are Subway Drinks Refillable In 2022?

Many Subway locations permit free refills of fountain drinks and iced tea as long as you dine in as of 2022. Subway requires that you ask for a refill before your drink runs out, and you must have purchased it on the same day. If you reuse a Subway cup some stores give you discounts on drinks.

For more information about refillable drinks at Subway, including how you can get free refills, if water is free at Subway, and what fountain drinks you can get refills on, keep reading!

Can You Refill Drinks At Subway?

Yes, most Subway locations allow you to refill your drinks for free.

With that, free refills at Subway are permitted on fountain drinks, such as Coca-Cola, and include iced tea.

However, you can only use free refills at Subway on the same visit you purchased your drink.

Additionally, some Subway locations have introduced a policy of only permitting one drink refill per drink purchase.

For more information, ask your local Subway about free refills during the checkout process when you purchase your free drink.

How Do I Get Free Refills At Subway?

To receive a free refill at Subway, buy an eligible drink such as a fountain drink or an iced tea. Then, you can request a free refill when you desire from Subway.

Some Subway stores require you to ask for a free refill before you have finished your drink, so it’s worth checking with your local Subway store to find out how you can receive a free refill.

Also, you must use your free refill during the same visit that you purchased the initial drink at Subway.

Additionally, you’re only entitled to free refills at Subway on eligible beverages, such as fountain drinks and iced tea.

Can You Bring A Cup Back To Subway For Free Drinks?

Can You Bring A Cup Back To Subway For Free Drinks?

Some Subway stores will allow you to bring your cup back to Subway to receive a discount on refillable drinks such as fountain drinks and iced tea.

But, Subway stores do not permit you to receive free drinks at its stores.

However, you are only entitled to free refills during the visit in which you purchased your original drink.

Essentially, it’s best to check with your local Subway to see its policy on refillable drinks to avoid confusion.

How Much Do Drinks Cost At Subway?

The price for cups at Subway varies depending on the size. On average, a 21 oz soft drink at Subway is around $1.75. For a 30 oz soft drink at Subway, it is about $2.

Finally, for a 40 oz soft drink at Subway, the price is about $2.15.

However, it’s important to note that prices may vary depending on your local Subway location.

Is A Cup Of Water Free At Subway?

Unfortunately, water is not free at Subway, as there is a charge for the cup. That said, Subway will charge for 21 oz, 32 oz, and 40 oz cups of water.

With that, Subway charges customers for water because of theft.

For example, some customers would purchase a water cup at Subway and then fill it with other beverages.

Also, Subway sells Dasani bottled water, which is on average priced at $1.80.

Does Subway Have Coffee?

Yes, Subway does sell coffee. On average, Subway charges $1.60 for a 12 oz cup of coffee. Additionally, coffee is not one of the beverages Subway offers free refills on.

What Fountain Drinks Does Subway Have?

While Subway offers a range of drinks, you can only refill fountain drinks and iced tea.

That said, the drinks Subway offers include Coca-Cola, Dasani Water, Gatorade, Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch, Simply Orange Juice, and Gold Peak Sweet Tea.

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Many Subway stores offer refills on fountain drinks and iced tea, as long as you have purchased the drink during your visit.

Also, some Subway stores offer discounts on beverages if you bring your cup back to Subway next time.

However, it’s best to check with your local Subway to find out its refill policy to avoid issues as you purchase your drink.

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