Buying a Mattress On Amazon 2022 (Is It Worth It, Returns + More)

Amazon has a great selection of bedroom decor from sell bed frames, side tables, vanity tables, and even mattresses.

If you’ve looked at buying a mattress through Amazon, you may wonder if it’s worthwhile or if you should stick to a mattress store. If you’d like to find out more, keep reading!

Buying a Mattress on Amazon In 2022

Amazon carries a wide selection of mattresses at reasonable prices. The quality of the mattresses depends on the brand and style of the mattress, but Amazon’s mattress selection is generally considered to be good quality for the prices charged. Customers can find mattresses as cheap as $107 and many qualify for Prime One-Day shipping.

If you’d like more information on the quality of Amazon mattresses, which mattress brands Amazon sells, the mattress return policy and more, continue reading for helpful tips and facts!

Which Mattress Brands Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells a variety of different mattresses through their website, including Zinus, Olee Sleep, Linenspa, Modway Aveline, Classic Brands Cool Gel, LUCID, Tuft & Needle, Vibe, Nectar, Casper and Best Price.

These mattresses all vary in durability and price. Therefore, their quality may contrast depending on the mattress brand that customers choose to purchase.

It should be noted that while there are many positive reviews for mattresses on Amazon, many customers will leave reviews shortly after purchasing the mattress.

This may mean that Amazon reviews may not be a good reference for mattress durability. Customers are recommended to research the individual brands through a search engine for more accurate reviews!

Does Amazon Have a Mattress Brand?

In addition to the other mattresses that Amazon sells, they also provide their own Amazon brand mattresses in the AmazonBasics collection!

These mattresses are focused on being budget friendly and they come in all common mattress sizes. These mattresses are also made from certified foams, meaning they won’t give off harmful toxins.

While these mattresses are well priced, some customers reported Amazon’s branded mattresses as lacking both in quality and firmness, making them slightly less comfortable than their other brands.

Customers who are considering purchasing an AmazonBasics mattress are therefore advised to research more reviews of this brand.

How Much Do Amazon Mattresses Cost?

Amazon’s mattresses vary in price depending on the brand. Their current listed mattress brands and their price ranges are as follows:

  • AmazonBasics: $179- $347
  • Nectar: $474- $999
  • Zinus: $100- $499
  • Tuft & Needle: $275- $750
  • Linenspa: $73- $604
  • Casper: $377- $795
  • Classic Brands: $156- $499
  • LUCID: $83- $669
  • Olee Sleep: $131- $522
  • Modway Aveline: $229- $1,035
  • Vibe: $307- $728
  • Best Price: $60.73- $180.85

These above prices may vary depending on the countries they are available in.

Customers who wish to purchase any of the above mattresses can do so by searching the brand in Amazon’s search engine!

Are Amazon Mattresses Good Quality?

Are Amazon Mattresses Good Quality?

While mattresses on Amazon are well priced, their quality and durability vary drastically per brand.

AmazonBasics mattresses are cheap but known to lack firmness after not being slept on for very long.

Other mattress brands from Amazon are also reported to have issues with comfort and sagging due to being stored in an Amazon warehouse for a long period of time.

Mattresses being folded for a long time can reduce the durability of the material, making the mattress less comfortable than if it had been purchased from the brand directly.

Can I Return a Mattress to Amazon?

According to Amazon’s return policy, customers can request a return or a refund for a mattress within 100 days of receiving their purchase!

Amazon will only take back mattresses if they are in their original packaging.

Additionally, mattresses that are unboxed and/ or expanded are not eligible for returns. However, customers can still request a refund!

Full size Queen/ King mattresses are also not eligible for returns, but are instead eligible for a refund.

Customers are recommended to process their return by bringing their mattress to an Amazon Locker store, as it will cost less to return and Amazon will take care of packaging and shipping!

Which Mattress Should I Buy on Amazon?

There are many highly rated mattresses on Amazon that are good quality and worth the price charged.

The following mattresses are two of the most highly recommended:

#1: Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen Sized

  • This mattress is currently priced at $249 and has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon
  • The mattress is reported as being supportive for customers with back pain, as well as being durable

#2: Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

  • This mattress is currently priced at $360 and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon
  • This mattress is reviewed as being comfortable and soothing for customers who suffer from severe back pain and scoliosis

While these mattresses are highly rated, customers are recommended to check reviews from the brand websites as well as Amazon for a more accurate report!

Is Buying a Mattress on Amazon Worth It?

While there are many high quality mattress brands on Amazon and they are sold at inexpensive prices, customers who have issues with back and muscle pain are not recommended to make a purchase.

Purchasing these brands from Amazon could result in a decrease in quality due to how long they may sit in Amazon’s warehouse.

Customers are instead recommended to order these mattresses from the brand websites directly, as this will minimize the risk of damage to the mattress and offer greater support to customers’ backs!

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Amazon sells a variety of mattress brands that are inexpensive and highly rated. The quality may vary depending on how long the mattress is in Amazon’s warehouse. If the mattress is sitting unfolded for a long period, the quality may decrease.

Customers are instead recommended to purchase these brands from their company websites, and are discouraged from purchasing an AmazonBasics mattress.

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