Buying Diapers On Amazon In 2022 (Cheaper, Fakes + Brands)

Amazon is a one-stop online shop for millions of must-have household products, with everything from electronics to groceries, pet food to baby supplies.

Considering the wide array of baby products on Amazon, you may be wondering if you can buy diapers on Amazon? I thought the same thing, and here’s what I found during my research!

Can You Buy Diapers On Amazon In 2022?

Amazon sells diapers, wipes, and other baby products from popular brands like Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and Honest as of 2022. Customers can get faster shipping on diapers with an Amazon Prime membership, or enjoy a discount on diapers with automatic delivery through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.

If you are interested in purchasing diapers on Amazon, keep on reading to learn everything you should know before buying.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Diapers On Amazon?

When compared to Walmart, Costco, and stores like Kroger, it can be cheaper to purchase diapers on thanks to Amazon Prime Family and the Amazon baby registry.

With Amazon Prime Family, members can receive 5% – 20% discounts on products such as diapers, baby food, and more! This is definitely worth the membership fee, especially for large and growing families.

For the Amazon baby registry, this is an exclusive deal for new parents who spend at least $500 worth of purchased items (can also be purchased from friends and family).

Once this threshold has been met and after the arrival of the baby, Amazon will automatically apply a 20% discount to all diaper purchases.

Does Amazon Sell Fake Diapers?

In almost every case, the diapers customers buy from Amazon will be genuine and not fake.

However, since 40% of products sold on Amazon are sold by third parties, this is where issues can arise.

There have been some reports that customers have received fake Pamper diapers from Amazon, but they seem to be isolated incidences.

To combat this, it is recommended that customers only buy diapers from Amazon warehouse fulfillment or trusted third-party sellers.

What Diaper Brands Are Available On Amazon?

What Diaper Brands Are Available On Amazon?

Amazon has a wide selection of diaper sizes and styles from the biggest diaper brands in the U.S., including Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs, plus newer eco-friendly brands like Honest, Seventh Generation, Bambo, Earth + Eden, and Dyper.

Other diaper brands include Cuties, Nest, Pull-Ups, and Lumi by Pampers. Amazon also has its own brand of diapers called Mama Bear, as well as Amazon Elements baby wipes.

All brands offer different sizes, from newborn diapers to toddler and school-age children options.

When shopping for diapers on Amazon, you can select the size that works best for your child. Brand product listings include sizing charts to get the right fit.

Does Amazon Sell Organic Diapers?

Amazon carries certified organic diapers from the Babyganics brand which often earns Amazon’s Choice label.

This label is reserved for highly-rated products that get good reviews and satisfaction rates with competitive prices and fast fulfillment.

There are many eco-friendly diapers on Amazon, including bamboo diapers that are becoming more popular thanks to their sustainability and comfort.

All details on the materials and special features, plus reviews from other parents, are available on the Amazon product listing before you buy.

You can read the full label and packaging details just like you would in a physical store, helping you decide the ideal diapers for your family.

Are Diapers Included On Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a popular program where you can arrange automatic delivery on your favorite household products, with up to 15% discounts for subscribing.

Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and Pull-Ups are the diaper brands available on Subscribe & Save. You can update these preferences anytime in your account settings.

Under Subscribe & Save Items, you can change the subscription schedule, quantity, delivery date, or diaper size.

In addition to diapers, there are many other baby products available on Subscribe & Save. This is popular with parents who can save on baby essentials like wipes, medicine, formula, and food.

Another advantage of ordering diapers through Amazon Subscribe & Save is the free standard shipping for auto-deliveries.

Non-Prime customers may have shipping costs for the initial delivery before getting free delivery. Also, you can nominate a day for all your discounted Subscribe & Save deliveries subscriptions with anytime cancellation.

Are There Amazon Coupons For Diapers?

Are There Amazon Coupons For Diapers?

While Amazon doesn’t take traditional manufacturer’s coupons for diapers or other products, the e-commerce retailer does have coupons of its own.

Amazon coupons change regularly, but there are almost always discounts on certain diaper brands and baby products.

Amazon coupons may give you a percentage or dollar amount off, and the option to clip a coupon will appear on the product listing.

You can also clip coupons ahead of time on the coupon homepage and decide which brands to buy from there.

How Fast Does Amazon Deliver Diapers?

Delivery times for diaper orders on Amazon are the same as any other Amazon order, with Prime members having access to fast, free delivery.

You could get diapers on your doorstep the next day as a Prime member, or even free same-day delivery if you live in an eligible region.

Outside of Prime, delivery times are generally just a few days, but an accurate estimate will be available on every product listing throughout the checkout process.

Is Amazon Diaper Delivery Safe?

Parents know the cost of diapers can add up quickly. If you’re concerned about the security of an online diaper delivery to your doorstep, you can track your Amazon order through notifications.

This way, you can make sure you’re home to receive the delivery or at least close by.

Amazon Key is another good option for diaper delivery. It’s exclusive to Prime members and allows for deliveries inside the front door, garage, or car.

There’s also peace of mind knowing Amazon covers the vast majority of stolen packages, diapers included, with its A-to-Z Guarantee.

Even if you order diapers or other baby products from Amazon Sellers, the retailer is likely to eventually refund your purchase.

Amazon asks you to first contact the seller on orders fulfilled by Amazon, but if you don’t get a response within two business days, you may file a claim. Amazon will then address the refund status.

Most Amazon retailers will send a replacement product or provide a refund to ensure customer satisfaction remains high on diapers and other important household products.

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One of the things loyal Amazon shoppers love most about the online retailer is the vast array of products offered at great prices.

Diapers are no exception, with a wide variety of brands, sizes, and styles available for fast delivery on Amazon.

Keep in mind you can get discounts for diapers and more baby products with Amazon Subscribe & Save and Amazon coupons, plus free Prime delivery.

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