Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery In 2022? (Full Guide)

Tipping workers is a staple practice in several customer service professions since it helps workers with their expenses and shows them that you appreciate the high-quality service they provide.

Since Walmart Grocery Delivery is such a great comfort, you may be wondering – can you (and should you) give your driver a tip? I’ve done my research, and here’s what I’ve found out!

Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers In 2022?

You can choose to tip Walmart Grocery Delivery drivers through either cash or debit/credit card for their service as of 2022. Since some third-party companies keep a percentage of the tip, it is better to tip your Walmart driver in cash. Your tip should reflect the quality of service you were provided.

If you want to learn more about how much you should tip your delivery driver, what are the ways in which you can tip a Walmart grocery delivery driver, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Should You Tip Your Walmart Grocery Delivery Driver?

Tipping your Walmart grocery delivery driver is just the same as tipping any food delivery service or customer service in a restaurant.

While it is dependent on how you feel about their service, it is generally acceptable to give a minimum of 10% as a tip.

However, if you can go further into 15-20%, your driver would greatly appreciate it.

Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers In Cash Or Card?

You can choose whether you would prefer to tip your delivery driver in cash or through your credit/debit card (checks are not accepted) during your order through the Walmart app or the website.

Tipping via credit or debit card during (or after) your purchase is a quick and easy way to ensure you’ve tipped your driver for their service.

However, depending on the driver’s third-party service, they may have to share their tips with the company.

On the other hand, the most direct way to tip a driver is by cash. Using this method, you can be sure that the additional payment has gone into your driver’s pocket.

How Do You Tip Your Walmart Grocery Delivery Driver?

To tip your delivery driver, simply add this as an option to your order through the Walmart app or through your account online.

You can edit or remove this tip at three moments during your order:

  • During the checkout process in the Review Order screen
  • After the checkout in your Purchase History
  • Within 24hrs of your delivery, with the exact time given in your purchase history

Note that you can tip your delivery driver with cash when they arrive or place the money in a sealed envelope.

How Much Do Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers Receive From Tips?

How Much Do Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers Receive From Tips?

Walmart employs many delivery drivers from third-party carrier services in addition to its own fleet.

Because of this, your driver may only receive a fraction of the tip you provided as third-party companies may cut a percentage from it.

However, if you tip a delivery driver employed by Walmart with your debit or credit card, Walmart will not deduct any percentage from the tip.

Since it is difficult to know whether a driver will get to keep the full tip or not, it is best to tip them via cash yourself.

Can Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers See Your Tip?

Delivery drivers from Walmart Grocery can see the amount you tip through their third-party delivery service app.

These drivers can view their delivery history and earnings, including the tips left through online orders after each delivery.

Who Delivers For Walmart Grocery?

Walmart is constantly expanding its grocery delivery services by contracting additional third-party and self-employed drivers to undertake its orders.

So although Walmart operates a private delivery service of its own, it also liaises with Point Pickup, Skip Cart, AxleHire, and Roadie.

These third-party services assist with the standard two-day delivery, next-day, and even same-day delivery.

Additionally, Walmart stores in selected states also work with DoorDash to deliver groceries that personal Walmart shoppers pick out.

Note that Walmart does not necessitate tips, but these drivers would highly benefit from the extra dollars.

How Does Walmart Grocery Work?

Once you have placed an order through Walmart’s primary website or on the app, a store associate will collect each item and reserve them for your delivery.

If you choose an instant delivery service, a driver will head to the store to pick up your order and deliver it to your chosen address.

Your delivery cost will depend entirely on your purchases and your delivery membership (if you have one).

Note that there is an individual delivery fee for customers who choose not to subscribe to Walmart Grocery delivery membership.

As this is a great convenience to customers, Walmart gives the option to tip drivers upon delivery (tips are not automatically added to the order).

How much you tip can depend on the manner of your delivery, the condition of your items following their travel, and whether you received additional help in carrying the products.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on how to get free shipping at Walmart, what is Walmart plus, and how Walmart pickup works.


Tipping Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers is entirely a personal choice but it can help drivers in the long run who rely on tips.

Walmart employs third-party services for their deliveries, and while Walmart itself does not take a cut of the tips, some of these third-party services may take a percentage.

If you would like to tip your driver, it is recommended to go for a 10% tip or 15-20% if your driver has provided excellent service.

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