Does Amazon Accept International Credit Cards? (Full Guide)

Amazon is slightly limited to the number of payment options they provide. However, they do allow a variety of credit cards, Amazon brand payment methods and even “buy now pay later” apps.

However, customers who shop on internationally may wonder if accepts international credit cards? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I learned!

Does Amazon Accept International Credit Cards In 2022? accepts a select number of international credit cards from China, Japan and Europe. In addition to international credit cards, Amazon accepts the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, Amazon gift cards and prepaid gift cards as alternatives to using major US credit card brands. 

If you’d like to learn more about which international credit cards Amazon accepts, if Amazon Pay accepts international credit cards, which other payments Amazon takes and more, keep reading for more facts, tips and information!

Which International Credit Cards Does Amazon Accept? currently accepts the following international credit cards as a valid form of payment:

  • UnionPay (China)
  • JCB (Japan)
  • EuroCard (Europe and Britain) currently accepts UnionPay, JCB, and EuroCard from China, Japan, Europe and Britain. Unfortunately, Amazon does not accept any other international credit cards on their American website.

However, divisions of Amazon such as Amazon India will accept a variety of international credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard issued out of the middle east, Africa, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Therefore, customers who do not own the international credit cards that Amazon offers on Amazon US are advised to locate another international Amazon website.

Does Amazon Pay Accept International Credit Cards?

Does Amazon Pay Accept International Credit Cards?

While accepts international credit cards, Amazon Pay does not currently accept other international credit cards except the JCB credit card.

Therefore, customers who live outside of the US, Canada and Japan may not be able to use Amazon Pay if they don’t have American or Canadian issued credit cards.

What Other Forms of Payment Can I Use on Amazon Internationally?

While Amazon does not offer a wide variety of international credit cards, there are a number of methods customers can utilize to make purchases on Amazon internationally.

One method customers can use is to purchase an Amazon gift card at a local grocery or retail store with the international credit card they possess.

Customers can purchase Amazon gift cards in divisions of $15, $20, $50 and $100 in most places and can purchase as many as they require to make up the amount of the items they wish to purchase.

Additionally, customers can use the gift cards in place of an international credit card, which will enable them to purchase from and ship to their location.

Another method customers can utilize is creating an account on a “buy now, pay later” website such as Klarna, which allows customers to make payments in installments from the app instead of using their banking information on Amazon.

Some apps like Klarna may not accept international credit cards, though customers may be able to locate a similar service that can be used in their country.

What Other Forms of Payment Does Amazon Accept?

In addition to the international credit cards Amazon offers, their regular payment options are as follows:

  • Visa credit/ debit cards and prepaid gift cards
  • MasterCard credit/ debit cards and prepaid gift cards
  • EuroCard debit/ credit card (as previously mentioned)
  • Discover Network credit/ debit cards
  • American Express debit/ credit cards and prepaid gift cards
  • Diner’s Club (U.S addresses only)
  • JCB (as previously mentioned)
  • NYCE
  • STAR
  • China UnionPay credit card only (as previously mentioned)
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Amazon Store card
  • Amazon Secured card
  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card

These above-mentioned payment methods are currently the only forms of payment available on Customers who don’t have access to one of the above payment methods may therefore be required to shop on the Amazon website in their country.

To know more, you can also see our posts on whether or not Amazon accepts Union Pay, if Amazon takes American Express, and if Amazon accepts Afterpay.


Currently, accepts international credit cards from China, Japan, Europe and Britain.

If customers who don’t reside in these countries would like to shop on Amazon US, they can do so by purchasing Amazon gift cards from a local retail or grocery store.

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