Does Amazon Accept Paypal In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

Amazon offers a number of different methods to make payments on their website, such as using gift cards, buy now pay later websites, and Amazon Pay, which works similarly to sites like Paypal.

In fact, many customers may wonder if Amazon accepts Paypal, due to the similarities it shares with Amazon Pay. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to learn more about the information I’ve gathered!

Does Amazon Accept PayPal In 2022?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not accept Paypal as a valid payment method as of 2022. However,  PayPal users can buy a Paypal Cash Card to use as a debit card on or by using their Paypal account to purchase an Amazon gift card from a retailer that accepts Paypal.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Paypal on Amazon, which other payment methods similar to Paypal can be used on Amazon and more, keep reading for more useful facts and information!

Can I Use Paypal Directly on Amazon?

Amazon customers cannot use Paypal directly on Amazon, either through the Paypal website or the Paypal app.

However, there are a couple of methods customers can utilize to use Paypal as their form of payment indirectly, if they prefer to have a more secure payment method.

One simple method customers can use is to purchase an Amazon gift card from a retailer that accepts Paypal.

Websites such as Dundle and PC Game Supply are shops that both accept Paypal as a valid payment method and sell Amazon gift cards.

Once customers purchase the gift card, they can use it to make any purchase on Amazon. Customers can purchase Amazon gift cards in denominations of $15, $20, $25, $50, $75 and $100.

If customers are planning to purchase an item from Amazon that costs over $100, they’re recommended to purchase multiple gift cards so that they don’t have to add an additional payment method to their order.

In addition to using a gift card, customers can also obtain a Paypal Cash Card, which can be used on Amazon like a credit card.

As well, customers can use Paypal Key on Amazon, which is a virtual version of Paypal that only requires a card number to be accepted as a valid payment method. 

How Do I Use a Paypal Cash Card on Amazon?

One of the most direct ways to use Paypal on Amazon is to obtain a Paypal Cash Card. Any customer who uses Paypal can get a Cash Card, which is a physical card that acts like a credit card.

Because the Paypal Cash Card is powered by Mastercard, customers can simply enter their card number and information into Amazon’s “Payment Methods” section on their Amazon account.

Customers can also add the Cash Card at checkout under “enter new payment method” on the checkout screen.

However, customers should note that while they can use the Paypal card on Amazon, these cards do not have the option to earn the customer rewards that Amazon offers, such as cash back and travel rewards.

Therefore, while this payment method is the most convenient for customers who prefer Paypal, customers who also like to earn rewards when shopping may consider switching to a different payment method.

How Do I Use Paypal Key on Amazon?

How Do I Use Paypal Key on Amazon?

Another way customers can use Paypal on Amazon is through Paypal Key.

Paypal Key is a varied version of Paypal’s virtual payment method, that, unlike their regular setup, doesn’t require a website to have a Paypal button to use it as a valid payment method.

In order to use Paypal Key, customers must ensure they have their credit and/or debit card linked to their Paypal account.

After linking their cards, customers will be granted a 16-digit code to use for their payment.

The Paypal Key code will work on any website that accepts Mastercard, meaning customers can use the code on Amazon by entering the 16-digit code into the “new payment method” section of the order page.

This method may be preferable for customers who don’t wish to carry a Paypal Cash Card or who don’t want to wait for their card to arrive in the mail.

What Alternative Payment Can I Use on Amazon Similar to Paypal?

If customers would prefer to use a simpler method of paying on Amazon, there are a couple of payment options similar to Paypal that customers can use on Amazon.

The most notable method is Amazon Pay, which is the Amazon-brand digital payment method offered for

Customers can link their personal debit/credit card to the payment method and this will ensure a more secure payment.

Another viable option is Klarna, which is a “buy now, pay later” digital payment method customers can attach to their browser.

This method allows customers to choose between a full or partial payment on Amazon, allowing them to make smaller payments if they so desire.

However, customers should note that currently, both of these methods are only available in the United States.

Therefore, customers from other countries may have to consider an alternate payment method.

What is the Best Paypal Alternative to Use on Amazon?

The best Paypal alternative to use on Amazon is Amazon Pay. This form of payment is the most similar to Paypal, as it guarantees the same secure payment and allows customers to make purchases without having to enter their credit card information.

However, customers should note that while Amazon Pay is the best alternative to Paypal, it is currently only available for Amazon customers based in the United States.

Therefore, customers in other countries may want to utilize one of the Paypal hack methods, or they may have to use their credit/ debit card in order to make purchases on Amazon.

What Other Payment Methods Are Available on Amazon?

In addition to the above-mentioned payment methods, there are a number of other options for customers when deciding how to pay on Amazon.

The list of valid payment methods is as follows:

  • Visa credit/ debit card and prepaid gift cards
  • Mastercard credit/ debit card and prepaid gift cards
  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card
  • Amazon Store Card
  • Amazon Secured Card
  • EuroCard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club (U.S only)
  • JCB
  • NYCE
  • STAR
  • China UnionPay (credit card only)
  • Amazon gift cards

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Currently, Amazon does not offer Paypal as a valid payment option. However, customers can still use their Paypal account for Amazon purchases by obtaining a Paypal Cash Card, which can be entered into Amazon as a MasterCard credit card.

As well, customers can use Paypal Key, which allows customers to use their digital Paypal by entering a 16-digit code into Amazon like a Mastercard credit card.

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