Does Amazon Deliver To South Africa In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Amazon prides itself on being a global company with the ability to serve customers worldwide with the exact products they are looking for.

But if you live in South Africa or have a vacation home in South Africa, you may be wondering whether or not Amazon can deliver orders to your house.

Here is everything I uncovered about Amazon’s ability to ship products to South Africa throughout my research!

Does Amazon Deliver Packages To South Africa In 2022?

Amazon does deliver packages to South Africa using Aramex services as of 2022. Shipping costs for Amazon orders going to South Africa range between $10 and $40, not including customs fees. Additionally, packages heading to South Africa from Amazon US can take between 4 and 16 days, depending on the type of shipping you select.

To learn more about how Amazon can deliver orders to South Africa so quickly, the types of products, and more, keep on reading!

Does Amazon Make Deliveries To South Africa?

Yes, Amazon does fulfill orders heading into South Africa. Unfortunately, only select products are eligible for delivery to South Africa for legal and safety reasons.

However, if a product is ineligible for delivery to South Africa, Amazon will notify you before you follow through with your payment.

In fact, when you set your address in South Africa as your default address on Amazon, the website automatically filters out ineligible products for shipment.

Amazon filters out products so you can save time and have a less stressful shopping experience.

How Do You Ship Amazon Orders To South Africa?

To have your Amazon orders delivered to South Africa, you must change your default address, especially if you usually have Amazon orders delivered to an address in the United States.

Amazon makes changing your default address very simple. Go into your account settings and change your default address to your residence in South Africa.

After clicking on the ‘Your Account’ dropdown menu, select ‘Manage Addresses’ to change your settings.

Once you change your address, Amazon will direct you to the International Shopping Portal, so you only see products that qualify for shipping into South Africa.

From this point, you can continue to shop as you usually would!

Who Provides The Delivery Service For Amazon Packages Shipped To South Africa?

Amazon packages sent to South Africa used to be delivered via the South African Post Service.

However, there were several shipping mistakes using this method, so Amazon switched the delivery service to get packages to South Africa. Currently, Amazon packages are delivered through Aramex.

Based on reviews from past users, Aramex is far more reliable than the South African Post Service proved to be.

Additionally, since Amazon has started working with Aramex, customers in South Africa (or those who send items there) have found that there are more transparent shipping costs and import costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Amazon Orders To South Africa?

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Amazon Orders To South Africa?

Amazon makes the cost of shipping very clear on their website, so you will know exactly how much you have to pay.

With that, the cost of shipping products to South Africa depends on the total number of goods, the type of items, the weight of the package, and how large the products are.

Additionally, Amazon predicts what the total cost of fees will be for your order. If you are undercharged for fees, Amazon absorbs the additional costs.

In circumstances where you are overcharged, Amazon quickly provides you a refund for the amount you overpaid.

According to Amazon’s website, shipping costs for orders shipped to South Africa range between $10 and $40, depending on whether you choose standard, expedited, or priority shipping.

Of course, the priority shipping costs will be much more compared to the standard shipping rates.

How Do You Pay For Amazon Orders Shipped To South Africa?

You may be curious about the accepted payment methods for shipping your Amazon orders to South Africa.

Fortunately, most of your popular credit and debit cards can be used to purchase Amazon orders heading to South Africa. If your card is not accepted, the Amazon website will inform you right away.

Additionally, some Amazon users report that paying via PayPal is also a method to buy items shipped to South Africa.

How Long Does It Take Amazon Orders To Ship To South Africa?

You may think that Amazon orders heading to South Africa will take several weeks to reach you. However, Amazon has streamlined the process to offer fast and reliable shipping services through their partnership with Aramex.

With that, Amazon orders heading to South Africa take between 10 and 14 days when shipped through standard shipping.

If you select expedited shipping, your Amazon orders will take between eight and 16 business days to reach you.

Finally, priority shipping to South Africa allows your Amazon orders to reach you within two and seven business days.

How Does Amazon Deliver Packages To South Africa So Fast?

The time it takes to deliver packages to South Africa is so quick because Amazon uses Aramex and pays customs fees upfront.

In the past, Amazon relied on the South African Post Office for deliveries, which resulted in a lot of errors and missing packages. Aramex, on the other hand, makes the process much easier.

Another reason your Amazon orders to South Africa do not take as long is that Amazon pays for all the customs fees upfront.

By paying the customs fees right away, your Amazon packages are not held up for a long time at the customs office.

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Amazon provides fast and reliable shipping on orders heading to South Africa. By using Aramex services and paying customs fees upfront, Amazon delivers South African orders within four and 16 days.

The cost and time it takes to ship orders to South Africa depend on the type of item, the product’s weight, and how big the item is. However, there are no hidden fees when it comes to shipping Amazon packages to South Africa.

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