Does Best Buy Allow Dogs In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

Dogs have always been part and parcel of the owner’s lives, making it hard for the owners to eliminate them in outdoor activities.

In most cases, the dog owners take the dogs with them to nearly all places, except in areas that prohibit the entry of dogs.

With the popularity of Best Buy, customers, especially dog lovers, often want to know, does Best Buy allow dogs? Here’s what I found out!

Does Best Buy Allow Dogs In 2022?

Some Best Buy stores allow entry of dogs while others do not as of 2022. This is mainly because Best Buy lacks a company-wide policy and allows stores to apply regulations based on their state. However, a majority of Best Buy stores do not permit dogs unless they are service animals.

In case you want to find out more about Best Buy’s regulation on entry of dogs and whether you can take your small dog or emotional support dog to Best Buy, keep reading!

Can I Bring A Dog Into Best Buy Store?

While Best Buy’s dog policy varies from state to state, most stores do not allow you to bring your dog into the store unless the dog is a service animal.

This is primarily because Best Buy houses expensive and fragile merchandise, making the presence of dogs and other pets in the store posing as a liability.

Additionally, Best Buy also restricts the entry of dogs into the store in the interest of other customers who might be allergic to dogs and prevent dog contamination within the store’s premises.

Therefore, before visiting Best Buy stores with a dog, you should confirm with your local store if they permit dog entry or not.

Why Does Best Allow Only Service Dogs?

Why Does Best Allow Only Service Dogs?

Typically, service dogs have some key differences with other normal dogs that make them permitted into Best Buy stores.

While service dogs might bear the same behaviors as normal dogs, they have been thoroughly trained not to urinate or defecate on indoor floors.

The service dogs are also trained to remain calm under stress and also refrain from attacking people.

Since most dog owners may claim to have trained their dogs in the same ways as service dogs, the only guarantee for safety in the stores is to restrict the entry of dogs to only service dogs.

Therefore, to limit the entry of dogs into the store, service dogs have to be identifiable.

The identification of service dogs can easily be made through brightly colored dog jackets or proof with valid documentation.

While you might not always be required to provide documentation for your service dog, Best Buy employees are allowed to ask questions before allowing entry of service dogs into the stores.

Best Buy employees can inquire whether the dog is a service animal or not, including the specific tasks of the service dog.

You also have to ensure that the service dog is leashed and is always within constant human supervision throughout the shopping.

Can I Bring My Small Dog Into Best Buy?

Some Best Buy stores can allow you to bring your small dog into the store, while others cannot.

The variability on whether Best Buy can allow you to bring your small dog or not is dependent on the Best Buy store location and state.

In Best Buy stores that allow you to bring in your small dog, you will not encounter restrictions to enter with your dog as long as you ensure that a dog leash is fastened.

Similarly, Best Buy stores that do not allow the entry of dogs will only permit you to bring your small dog into Best Buy if your dog is a service dog.

It is essential to confirm with your local Best Buy store in order to establish whether they are dog-friendly or not.

Can I Take My Emotional Support Dog To Best Buy?

You can only take your emotional support dog into a Best Buy store that does not have restrictions on the entry of dogs.

For Best Buy stores that strictly allow the entry of service dogs only, you cannot be permitted to enter the store with your emotional support dog.

Therefore, if you were anticipating shopping at your local Best Buy shop with your emotional support dog, you should confirm with the call center or management upon arrival at the store.

Do Other Stores Allow Dogs Inside?

Apart from Best Buy,  several other consumer electronic stores do not allow the entry of all dogs.

The following stores bear restrictions to the entry of dogs (with the exception of service animals):

  • Kmart
  • Walmart
  • Sears
  • Target
  • Big Lots
  • Costco

Stores such as Walmart have a national policy against the entry of dogs into the store unless the dog is a service animal.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not Aldi allows dogs, if Kohl’s allow dogs, and if Sam’s Club allow dogs.


Best Buy’s dog policy is variable depending on the state and location of the store. For example, some stores might allow all dogs’ entry, while others might limit the entry to allow service animals only.

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