Does Burger King Pay Weekly? + Other Common FAQs

Any individual involved in a job search wants to know what a potential job will pay and how often. If you are looking at applying to Burger, you may want the answer to a couple of these things yourself.

Among these questions is how often does Burger King pay; weekly, bi-weekly?  Keep reading to discover the answer to this and many more job-related queries!

Does Burger King Pay Weekly In 2022?

Burger King employees are paid bi-weekly (every two weeks on a Friday) or bi-monthly (the 8th and 23rd of each month). While the latter is often considered bi-weekly, the actual pay rate is every 17 days, sent via direct deposit. Payment times may differ per each Burger King Franchise location

Want to know a bit more about Burger King’s employee practices, pay rates, and more? Keep reading below!

What Hourly Wage Does Burger King Pay?

Burger King hourly rates start at $9.66 an hour for first-time employees. On average, a cook or cashier may start at $9.00 an hour, while a manager or assistant may begin at $11-$12.

Additionally, different Cook roles can take on very different starting pay than average. For instance, a line cook will start at  $7.00 an hour, while a general cook could start at $8.00.

Does Burger King Hold Your First Check?

Burger King holds a week out of your first three weeks of pay. This is routinely called a “week in the hole” and is a standard business practice.

What’s more, the practice is done so you can receive one last check should you leave Burger King’s employment.

After that, the employee is paid on a bi-weekly basis.

What Kind of Jobs are Offered at Burger King?

There are plenty of job roles available at the average Burger King franchise. 

You will always find an opening for cashiers, cooks, managers, team leaders, and assistants if you check around.

Given that, if you are looking for a job at Burger King, call local stores to see what positions are open.

No appointment is usually necessary; all you have to do is come in and fill out an application.

How are Burger King Employees’ Paid?

Burger King employees are paid via direct deposit every Friday on a bi-weekly or bi-monthly basis. Workers may also receive their money on a Thursday by check.

In comparison, companies like McDonald’s pay employees weekly, also by check or direct deposit. The company you choose depends on how often you desire to be paid.

Do Burger King Offer Company Benefits?

Do Burger King Offer Company Benefits?

Burger King offers numerous company benefits, with health and dental included among them.

Employees also have access to Life insurance, dental insurance, and long-term disability insurance.

Surprisingly, Burger King provides 401K packages and engages in employee profit-sharing. Enquire about these lesser-known perks of employment before filling out an application.

Does Burger Offer Overtime Hours?

There was a lawsuit in which Burger King had employees work overtime without extra payment as required by law.  

As a result, various overtime payment lawsuits in 2007-2015 were leveled, after which Burger King tried to crack down on this behavior.

Ask about overtime pay standards prior to entering any Burger King position.

Do Employees Get Breaks at Burger King?

Burger King franchisees have a tendency to be understaffed, which means managers have asked employees to work through required breaks.

In most cases, you are supposed to get a 20-minute break for every 4 hours of work, but this isn’t always the case.

For the most part, some Burger King franchisees try to adhere to these federal laws. Prior to seeking employment at a location, ask around to see what a particular restaurant’s practices are.

Does Burger King Provide Employee Discounts?

While most fast food companies and restaurants offer an employee discount, Burger King’s provides something of a partial one. You can, for example, receive a 50 % discount on the day you work.

In addition, you can also receive a completely free meal if you come in early, are requested to go in, or have to stay late.

Unfortunately, you cannot apply any employee discounts on days off.

Can You Advance in Management at Burger King?

Burger King workers can advance into management and team lead poisons, often with a raise.

The frequency in which this occurs is not optimum, with workers strongly disagreeing about the ease of getting promoted.

Additionally, Burger King employees stated they did not feel supported or encouraged to grow at their jobs.

Lack of advancement and employee support could indicate why Burger King has a high employee turnover rate.

What is the Minimum Age to Work at Burger King?

In states where this is applicable, Burger King can hire workers as young as 14 years old

The minors are adequately protected by state and federal law, and strict standards regulate their employment.

In some cases, where the legal age is 16, a work permit signed by the parents and the employer may be necessary.

If you are a teen looking to secure your first real job, Burger  King may hire you.

Is it Worth it to Work at Burger King?

Burger King’s somewhat inconsistent business practices, labor-related lawsuits, and lack of sufficient support or career advancement don’t seem like Burger King is the best place to work.

That said, it can be the perfect jumping-off point for a teenager looking to get their feet wet in the job market.

Retirees looking for added income may also find Burger King a reasonably decent place to work.

if you want to find out more about Burger King’s policies, make sure to check if Burger King takes Apple Pay, EBT, and find out if Burger King conducts drug tests.


Burger King pays their employees on a bi-weekly or bi-monthly basis, depending on location.  Additionally, Burger King has a somewhat excellent benefits package and the ability to rise into management, albeit on a limited basis.

In the final analysis, questionable labor practices, low pay, and lack of employee discounts have to be weighed against potential perks. Not every Burger King franchise has these problems, so check out the restaurant near you before contemplating employment.

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