Does Dollar General Accept Checks In 2022? 🥇 [GUIDE]

Dollar General is a value retailer that offers products at low prices to their millions of everyday customers. According to sources, Dollar General does not allow customers to pay via checks.

Does Dollar General Accept Checks In 2022? 

Dollar General accepts personal checks and business checks as valid payment methods at checkouts. However, only personal checks that pass the Certegy check verification process will be accepted. This is done to avoid any potential issues with bounced or fraudulent checks.

What Are The Requirements To Pay With A Check At Dollar General?

In order to pay using a check at Dollar General, there are a few requirements that must be met. First, the customer will need a valid bank account and a valid form of identification. 

Unlike most retail stores, Dollar General will send your check through the ‘Certegy’ system, a program that has been designed to quickly verify whether a check is valid, and whether there are enough funds to cover it. 

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Spend With A Check At Dollar General? 

Dollar General does not stipulate a maximum spend that can be paid by check. However, we do know that there are no limits on the amount that a check can cover.

As long as you have the available funds to cover a check’s value, then you can pay any amount with a check.

However, depending on the store you visit, staff may be more thorough in verifying a check, especially if you are making a considerably large payment. 

Does Dollar General Cash Checks?

Does Dollar General Cash Checks?

While you may be able to purchase items via a check at Dollar General, you cannot currently cash checks at Dollar General stores.  This is because cashiers at Dollar General are not given large amounts of money in their registers.

If you wish to pay at Dollar General with cash from a check, then it is recommended to submit your check to the bank early on so that you can withdraw the funds. 

Can I Use Checks With The DG GO App? 

No. The DG GO app, which allows customers to pay quickly and easily via their phone when making purchases in-store, only currently accepts credit cards, and does not accept checks.

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Yes, Dollar General is able to accept checks as a valid form of payment. However, these checks are digitized and verified instantly to ensure that the check can be covered by bank balance.  

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