Does Dollar General Sell Stamps In 2022? [ANSWERED] 

Dollar General sells a variety of products, including postage stamps. However, some customers are unsure if the store is allowed to sell this product. I have researched this topic and can provide you with a detailed answer.

Does Dollar General Sell Stamps In 2022?

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not sell stamps of any kind as of 2022. However, customers can purchase shipping supplies such as envelopes and packing tape for as little as $4. FedEx drop-off and pick-up services can also be found at most Dollar General stores.

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Does Dollar General Sell Postage Supplies?

Yes, you can buy postage supplies for as low as $1-$5, including Duck branded goods. Dollar General also sells pens, packing tape, standard envelopes, padded envelopes, tape dispensers, and poly-mailers.

Additionally, customers can purchase small cardboard boxes priced around $2, valid for gift postage. A 12 inch X 27 ft roll of bubble wrap is sold at $5. 

Which Alternative Retailers Sell Stamps?

Unlike Dollar general, many other chain retailers sell stamps; they can be found at the following stores or online: 

Where Is the Cheapest Place to Buy Stamps?

You can find excellent deals on eBay, saving up to 25%-30%, equating to $0.43, and are typically sold in bulk packs of 100-200.

For a price comparison, a U.S Forever Stamp, equivalent to a First Class stamp, comes to $0.55; however, stamps can cost up to $1.

Forever Stamps can be purchased for this price at the United States Postal Service, where books of 20 are available for approximately $20.55.

Can You Post Items From Dollar General?

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not have any in-house postage service for sending letters of parcels.

Does Dollar General Have FedEx?

Yes, FedEx operates at most Dollar General stores where customers can receive a pick-up and drop-off service. Outgoing FedEx packages such as a returned item must already be sealed and labeled before sending, which can be done using FedEx’s online form.

When picking up a package, you must have your FedEx tracking number and Government-issued photo ID at hand. FedEx cannot release the package without this information.


No, unfortunately, you cannot buy stamps from Dollar General. Postage supplies are available at little cost in stores and online. FedEx drop-off and pick-up and drop-off services are available in many stores; you cannot post personal items here. 

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