Does Home Depot Cut & Bind Carpets? (Try This Instead)

Home Depot is the go-to store in the U.S. for customers looking to purchase various types of indoor and outdoor carpets for their homes and offices.

However, since cutting and binding carpets is a difficult and technical task, you may be wondering if Home Depot will cut and bind your carpet for you? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Home Depot Cut And Bind Carpets In 2022?

Home Depot provides installers who will measure, cut, and bind carpet purchased in-store according to the target space as of 2022. Alternatively, customers can buy tools to cut and bind carpets themselves in-store and online. Customers can also rent a carpet kit for a duration of  4-hours ($11) up to 4-weeks ($180).

If you want to learn more about which cutting and binding tools Home Depot sells, what are the rates for renting a carpet kit, and what other stores offer this service, keep on reading!

How Do You Get Home Depot To Cut And Bind Carpets?

Home Depot’s skilled installer can measure and cut the carpet to fit the room you are refurbishing.

Note that you can only get this service for carpet purchased directly from Home Depot and not if you purchased the carpet from another store.

All you need to do is select your carpet online, schedule a home visit where a contractor will take measurements, and receive your personalized quote.

Once you’ve paid the bill, the installer will visit your house with the carpets and finish the installation in one day (this may vary depending on the size).

Does Home Depot Sell Tools To Cut And Bind Carpets?

At Home Depot, you can expect to find hand-operated carpet cutters (made from steel) by Roberts available in-store and online.

When browsing at, you can enter your location and select your closest store to find out the stock levels in your local branch.

Here is a list of suitable carpet cutters available at Home Depot:

Other than that, Home Depot also sells cotton binding for carpets in neutral colors including sand, beige, and charcoal grey, with a cost of $4.50 per linear foot.

Can You Rent Equipment To Cut And Bind Carpets From Home Depot?

Can You Rent Equipment To Cut And Bind Carpets From Home Depot?

Customers who only need carpet cutters for a one-time installation can save money by renting carpet equipment.

The Carpet rental kit from Home Depot is available for rent at the following prices:

  • $11 for 4-hours
  • $15 per day
  • $60 per week
  • $180 for 4 weeks

Keep in mind that this tool requires a $10 deposit that is only payable by credit card.

Inside the kit, you will receive essential tools that enable cutting, fitting, and customizing of carpets, including:

  • A steel box
  • Loop pile seam roller
  • Strip cutter
  • Heavy-duty happier tacker
  • Ripping hammer (20 oz)
  • GT cushion back cutter
  • Nail driving bar
  • GT loop pile cutter
  • Razorblade knife
  • Leather tool pouch
  • Thrift line chalk reels

Can You Buy Pre-Cut And Bound Carpets From Home Depot?

You can buy pre-cut carpets cut by the square meter and offered in the form of rolls, with the price depending on the amount of carpet you require.

Customers can shop various carpets at Home Depot including those with unique textures, patterns, Berber carpet, and tile style carpet.

Alternatively, you can also buy pre-cut rugs bound and ready to lay on the floor. Home Depot offers a range of cut and bound rugs for $5.75-$409, depending on the size and quality.

What Other Stores Cut And Bind Carpets?

If you do not wish to cut and bind your own carpet, other places may provide this service for you.

For instance, Lowe’s can cut and bind carpet to create a rug, provided you purchased the material from the retailer.

While some stores perform the service for free, others may charge a small fee depending on the size of the rug.

Other than that, you can also contact local carpet installers in your area to see whether they can measure, cut, and bind carpet for you.

If you are looking to learn more about Home Depot’s carpet services, you can also read our related posts on whether or not Home Depot rent carpet cleaners, Home Depot flooring installation, and if Home Depot trims doors.

Conclusion: Does Home Depot Cut And Bind Carpet?

Home Depot provides skilled third-party carpet installers who can measure and cut carpets purchased from Home Depot ahead of installation.

Customers can also rent a carpentry kit for $11-$180 for a duration of 4 hours to 4 weeks. Alternatively, you can purchase carpet cutters or binding tools in-store or online to do the installation yourself.

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