Does Home Depot Thread Pipe? (Galvanized, Copper, Gas)

Home Depot is a one-stop-shop for DIY-doers who are kickstarting an installation project. During the renovation, you may need to thread pipe to add grooves which can be later used as a sealant or joint.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the necessary steps, you may wonder: Does Home Depot thread pipe? Here are the details we think you need to know!

Does Home Depot Thread Pipe In 2022?

Home Depot does thread PVC, copper, PEX, galvanized, and black pipe at most locations as of 2022. The price to thread pipe is free when doing three cuts per 10 ft. Alternatively, Home Depot rents a pipe threader for $23 for 4 hours of use. 

If you’d like to find out more on pipe threading at Home Depot, which tools are available for rent or purchase, and other locations that thread pipe, read on!

What Types Of Pipe Does Home Depot Thread?

Home Depot will cut and thread almost any piping provided you purchased the products from the store or online.

When in-store, simply bring the pipe and your receipt to the plumbing section, and a team member will be able to assist you. Home Depot can thread the following pipes in-store:

  • PVC pipe
  • Copper pipe
  • PEX pipe
  • Galvanized pipe
  • Black pipe

How Much Does It Cost To Thread Pipe At Home Depot?

Home Depot will typically cut and thread three cuts per 10 ft for free. However, the piping must be from Home Depot. If you purchased piping from another location, you might need to pay a small fee.

Additionally, customers have previously reported paying 10 cents per piece and fees may vary depending on the pipe’s material, the store’s individual policy, and how much you need threading.

Where Can You Find Pipe Threading At Home Depot?

Where Can You Find Pipe Threading At Home Depot?

Since pipe threading is relatively simple for a trained professional, most Home Depot locations will facilitate it.

Pipe threading is often carried out in the plumbing section of Home Depot. If not, you may wish to try the Cutting Center.

Additionally, you may use the online store finder to retrieve the details of your local store. Consider contacting your nearest branch to ask whether they can thread pipes.

Can You Rent Tools To Thread Pipe At Home Depot?

Yes, if you are not ready to spend $914.71 on the RIDGID threader mentioned above, you may rent it.

Home Depot will establish the exact pricing at the store, but it will run along the lines of:

  • $23 for 4-hours
  • $33 per day
  • $132 per week
  • $396 for 4 weeks

Customers will also need to pay a $100 deposit in case of loss, damage, or failure to return.

Additionally, this tool is available for collection from your local rental center. Ensure you bring photo identification upon pick up.

Are There Other Places That Thread Pipe?

Lowes will gladly thread galvanized or black iron pipe for free provided materials were purchased from the retailer. A technician will use a machine cutter with a metal wheel that can create threads at the end of pipes.

Other places to thread pipe include:

  • Ace Hardware
  • Ferguson
  • Grainger

Can You Buy Tools To Thread Pipe At Home Depot?

If you likely require pipe threading services often, you may benefit from purchasing your own equipment from Home Depot, which offers a variety of threading equipment in-store and online.

For example, the RIDGID corded power drive threading machine is a top-rated tool priced at $1,409.92 and the product obtains 115-voltage and 700 power drives.

Additionally, Home Depot sells more affordable ratchet pipe threaders that start from $70.

If you want to learn more about other related services that Home Depot provides, make sure to check if Home Depot cuts or trims doors, and if Home Depot cuts rebar and countertops.


Home Depot will thread galvanized, black iron, copper, PVC, and Pex. The service is free for the first 3 threads over 10 ft until a small fee of approximately 10 cents per threading is charged. Customers can also purchase a threader outright, or hire one for $23-$396 for either 4 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, or 4 weeks.

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