Does Kohl’s Do Ear Piercing In 2022? (Try This Instead)

Many retail and clothing stores offer an ear piercing service, and are a popular option when deciding where to get your piercing done.

Because so many department and retail stores currently offer this service, you may wonder if you can get your ears pierced at Kohl’s. So, does Kohl’s offer ear piercing? Keep reading through this article to see what I discovered!

Does Kohl’s Do Ear Piercing In 2022?

Kohl’s does not offer an ear piercing service as of 2022. However, they do sell a variety of starter earrings for young children after the initial healing period of their first piercing has ended. They also sell a high-quality ear piercing kit from Inverness that is used by other professional ear piercing services.

If you’d like more information on why Kohl’s doesn’t offer piercing and which retail stores do provide this service, keep reading through this article!

Why Doesn’t Kohls Offer Ear Piercing?

Kohl’s doesn’t offer a reason as to why they don’t offer an ear-piercing service.

However, being a department store with a wide variety of departments to shop in, it can be estimated that there isn’t enough space to dedicate to this service.

As well, there may not be a high enough demand for it, as many retail and clothing stores similar to Kohl’s offer ear piercing.

Can I Buy Ear Piercing Equipment From Kohl’s?

While Kohl’s doesn’t offer ear piercing in-store, they do sell high-quality equipment to perform the task at home.

For example, they sell an Inverness Home Ear Piercing Kit that is safe to use.

As well, Kohl’s sells starter earrings for young children who have finished the healing process of piercing, which can be found both in-store and online.

Which Other Retail Stores Offer Ear Piercing?

Which Other Retail Stores Offer Ear Piercing?

There are many retail and clothing stores that currently offer ear piercing. The most notable places are listed below:


Claire’s has been offering ear piercing for many years. They offer traditional lobe, single lobe, cartilage lobe and dual lobe piercing. The service is free with an option to purchase their $30 starter kit.

They’ve recently integrated a stricter hygiene policy to ensure the safety of their customers, and they provide all customers with an After Care cleanser kit that they can use on their ears while they heal.

Some Claire’s stores may put an age restriction on their piercing service. This varies per location, which can be checked by either phoning the Claire’s in your area or checking their website.


Macy’s offers an ear piercing service that is known for being safe, hypoallergenic and sterile.

Like Claires, they offer the service for free and only charge for the earrings used and they will also provide a free bottle of Ear Care Antiseptic.

Currently, Macy’s use the Inverness ear piercing system, which they have regarded as a medically hygienic system.

They also don’t put age restrictions on their service, allowing piercings to be conducted on children as young as three months old.


Kay Jewelers offers a free ear piercing service along with the purchase of the piercing earrings.

They use metals that have a nickel content of less than half of %1 total, which is known to lessen the risk of ear infections and allergic reactions! Kay currently only offers lobe piercings. Cartilage piercings aren’t available at the moment.

Kay also recommends that if parents want to have their babies ears pierced, that they have been given their D.P.T shot beforehand if they’re no older than eight weeks.

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Kohl’s doesn’t offer ear piercing in their store locations. They do, however, sell the Inverness ear piercing kit, which is widely used by other services. They also sell starter earrings for children who have recently finished the healing process of piercing.

While Kohl’s doesn’t offer an ear piercing service, there are many retail stores that do. Claires, Macy’s and Kay Jewelers offer ear piercing for free and are well-known for the health and safety measures they take to prevent infections and allergic reactions.

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