Does Lowe’s Give Paint Samples? (Price, Free Ones + More)

It can be difficult to pick the right shade and color that perfectly suits your walls when you’re getting your home repainted.

Since Lowe’s is known for its paint products and exceptional customer service, you may be wondering if it gives out paint samples as well? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Lowe’s Give Paint Samples In 2022?

Lowe’s provides free paint chips for customers to take home, along with 8-ounce paint samples both in-store and online, as of 2022. Customers can shop from around 1625+ different paint samples available on the Lowe’s website and in-store for under $5, sorted based on color and tone.

If you want to learn more about whether Lowe’s gives free paint samples, what types of paint samples it sells, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Lowe’s Give Free Paint Samples?

Lowe’s provides free samples of paint printed on small cards called ‘paint chips’ which customers can take home from any Lowe’s store.

However, samples that have larger quantities as compared to these chips have to be purchased for a small fee.

For example, customers will have to purchase 8-ounce samples of Valspar paint in-store or online from Lowe’s.

How Much Do Paint Samples Cost At Lowe’s?

Paint samples at Lowe’s are quite cheap, selling for between $3.48 to $5.95 because of the limited quantity of paint.

Although the prices vary depending on the brand you are looking to purchase, most samples will cost less than $5.

What Types Of Paint Samples Does Lowe’s Offer?

What Types Of Paint Samples Does Lowe’s Offer?

Lowe’s sells paint samples from a variety of brands and with different methods of application.

For instance, you can get ‘peel and stick’ paint samples that you stick onto your wall instead of applying with a paintbrush.

You can also get a paint sample base that is used underneath your desired paint for a better finish.

Apart from that, here are the other types of paints you can sample from Lowe’s:

  • Interior and exterior paints
  • Paint primer
  • Stains
  • Gloss

Lowe’s categorizes the paint samples by color and tone, which makes it easy to pick out the exact color you want to try out.

Can Lowe’s Match A Paint Chip?

Lowe’s can match colors from paint chips easily by using the spectrophotometer in the paint section, which will read the color and mix up a sample of the same color for you.

How Do You Get A Paint Sample At Lowe’s?

Every Lowe’s store has a dedicated Paint Color Center where customers can explore and purchase different paint samples.

Simply visit the Paint Color Center in your nearby Lowe’s store and pick the color to get a sample prepared.

Note that it’s best to purchase three or four colors that you like and to paint a 1-foot-by-1-foot square in each color on your wall to figure out the most suitable one.

How Much Paint Is In A Sample At Lowe’s?

A typical sample of wall paint at Lowe’s contains 8 ounces of paint and can cover up to 16 square feet.

This quantity is sufficient to cover a small 4ft by 4ft square on your wall, so that you get a good idea of what the paint will look like when applied to the entire wall.

Keep in mind that you should wait for two hours before judging the quality of the color since paint takes its actual shade once it has dried up.

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Lowe’s offers a wide variety of different paint samples, both in-store and online. Typical 8-ounce samples cost under $5, but customers can also get free paint chips.

Lowe’s also has spectrophotometers at its in-store Paint Centers that can color match any custom color in seconds.

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