Does Publix Cash Checks In 2022? (Types Of Checks Listed)

Publix is a supermarket chain based in Florida with locations in several states, and it offers more than just grocery shopping.

Do you need to cash a check and are wondering if Publix cash checks or not? I’m going to give you all of the details about whether Publix cashes checks and what kind, so keep reading!

Does Publix Cash Checks In 2022?

Publix does cash checks, including payroll checks and personal checks at all store locations, although there are $500 limits on payroll checks as of 2022. Additionally, a $75 limit is in place on personal checks. Publix needs you to provide identification before it accepts a check and the manager has final approval over which checks are accepted and denied.

Keep on reading to learn about the fees and its policy when it comes to cashing a check at Publix!

Does Publix Cash Checks On Sunday?

Yes, you can cash a check at Publix on Sunday since its stores are open seven days a week. As long as the store is open, you can cash a check any time, including on Sunday!

Does Publix Cash Checks On Saturday?

Yes, you can cash a check at Publix on Saturday as long as someone is available at the customer service desk.

Further, Publix remains open every day of the week, so you don’t have to worry about getting there before it closes on Friday night to cash your check!

Does Publix Cash Checks For Free?

Unfortunately, Publix doesn’t cash checks for free. But, the fee is very low, with an average fee between $3 and $4.

Additionally, the Publix check cashing fee will not exceed $4 in most locations regardless of the type of check or amount.

Does Publix Cash Checks Over $500?

Unfortunately, Publix doesn’t cash checks over $500 and has a limit of $75 for personal checks and $500 for paychecks.

Does Publix Cash Stimulus Checks?

No, Publix does not cash stimulus checks because they’re considered a tax refund, and Publix doesn’t cash tax refund checks at most locations.

Additionally, most stimulus checks and tax refund checks are well over the $500 limit that Publix has on checks.

Does Publix Cash Unemployment Checks?

Most Publix locations do not cash unemployment checks since the amounts often exceed the $500 limit and it does not regularly cash government checks.

However, you can always call your local store and ask because some locations might offer government check cashing services.

Does Publix Cash Cashier’s Checks?

Unfortunately, Publix does not cash cashier’s checks per company policy.

Does Publix Cash Tax Refund Checks?

Publix does not cash tax refund checks since they are government-issued checks, and it typically doesn’t cash any type of government checks.

Does Publix Cash Third-Party Checks?

Does Publix Cash Third-Party Checks?

Publix does not accept or cash third-party checks, as most places no longer will cash third-party checks due to the risk of fraud and scams.

Does Publix Cash Business Checks?

Yes, Publix does cash business checks since business checks are often payroll checks accepted at all Publix locations as long as it doesn’t exceed $500.

Does Publix Cash Handwritten Checks?

Publix will cash handwritten checks, although there is a $75 limit on these kinds of checks, and you can only cash one handwritten check a day.

Does Publix Cash Settlement Checks?

Publix will not cash settlement checks at its stores regardless of the value.

Does Publix Cash Insurance Checks?

Unfortunately, Publix will not cash insurance checks since they’re considered settlement checks, and Publix does not accept settlement checks.

What Do I Need To Cash A Check At Publix?

To cash a check at Publix, you’ll need a driver’s license, state identification, or military identification.

What Hours Can You Cash Checks At Publix?

You can cash a check at Publix between 7 am and 10 pm since those are usually the hours of operation.

Furthermore, as long as the store and customer service are open, you’re going to be able to cash a check any time of the day at Publix.

What Types Of Checks Does Publix Cash?

Publix will cash personal checks and payroll checks at all locations across the United States as long as they do not exceed cashing limits.

How Often Can You Cash Checks At Publix?

Publix has limits in place on how often you can cash certain types of checks. For example, you can only cash payroll checks once a week.

Further, you can cash handwritten and personal checks at Publix once every 24 hours.

Who Processes Checks Cashed At Publix?

Publix uses Certegy to process checks cashed at its stores, which is why there are limits on the types of checks it can cash.

Why Would Certegy Reject A Check?

There are several reasons why Certegy would reject a check you’re trying to cash, with the most common reason being the check is illegible.

Additionally, a check could be rejected if it seems suspicious, such as looking fake or like a scam.

Also, you may have a bounced check in the system, whether intentional or not, which could result in Certegy rejecting the next check you try to cash.

However, if rejection occurs, there’s nothing Publix workers can do. That said, if Publix denies your check, that doesn’t automatically mean another location will deny it too.

If you continue to have problems, it’s best to call Certegy to clear up the situation, so it doesn’t occur again.

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Publix cashes payroll and personal checks at all of its store locations with limits of $500 on payroll checks and $75 on personal and handwritten checks.

However, you cannot cash tax refund checks, insurance checks, settlement checks, third-party checks, government-issued checks such as unemployment checks, or stimulus checks.

Additionally, Publix will cash checks on the weekend since it cashes checks whenever the store is open; usually 7 am to 10 pm.

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