Does Subway Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need to Know)

Subway is a leading fast-food franchise known for delivering fresh items such as sandwiches and salads. With stores all over the United States, Subway can be a great company to work for with lots of perks.

If you’ve recently applied to Subway, you may be wondering if it requires a drug test, how Subway conducts its drug tests, and more. I’ve looked into it, and after doing some research, here’s what I’ve learned about the matter! 

Does Subway Drug Test In 2022?

Subway franchises operate independently, which means some stores may require drug tests while others don’t, as of 2022. With that, Subway’s Code of Conduct dictates that it provides a secure, safe and healthy work environment, which may involve a drug test in some circumstances. Also, Subway may drug test using a mouth swab or a urine sample.

For more information on Subway drug tests, including what drugs Subway tests for, what happens if you fail a drug test and when Subway drug tests, just keep reading!

What Type Of Drug Test Does Subway Use?

Usually, Subway conducts drug tests using a urine sample or a mouth swab.

Also, some online workers report that Subway asks you to take an additional test to ensure there’s no tampering.

Moreover, Subway will likely employ a third-party facility to conduct its drug testing to ensure no tampering has occurred.

However, not all Subway stores will require a drug test. Therefore, you will be told before or during your interview if you are required to undergo a drug test.

What Drugs Are Subway Testing For?

According to DISA, employers like Subway are usually testing for a multitude of substances.

Even if the substance is legal in your state, Subway may still prohibit its use if the franchise conducts a drug test.

If you are on any doctor prescribed medication or have recently been, it is important to inform Subway and the testing company to not interfere with your drug test results.

Does Subway Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

If Subway requires that you take a drug test, a negative result will likely be a prerequisite for future employment.

Along with a drug test, Subway may conduct a background check before it officially hires you.

That said, your pre-employment drug test will likely happen after your first interview and before your orientation if you’re a successful candidate at Subway.

Does Subway Do Random Drug Tests?

Does Subway Do Random Drug Tests?

Yes, Subway may do random drug tests if it chooses to, as the company has a zero-tolerance work policy.

With that, random drug testing at Subway is well within its employee contract.

Also, Subway may require its employees to take a drug test if a manager has reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs or drug-related paraphernalia.

Additionally, if an employee is in an accident at Subway, they may also be subject to a drug test following the incident before returning to work.

How Often Does Subway Drug Test?

Subway reserves the right to conduct drug tests on its employees, whether as part of protocol following an incident or randomly following suspected use.

For example, workers have reported that in stores where Subway conducts drug tests, they must undergo the tests every three to six months.

What Happens If A Subway Drug Test Comes Back Inconclusive?

If your Subway drug test results come back inconclusive, you will likely be required to take another test.

That said, an inconclusive drug test can result from too many fluids or a tainted sample, but Subway will be required to retest you if there are no definitive results.

Also, if your Subway drug test comes back inconclusive a second time, you may be suspected of tampering and may be required to undergo a third drug test.

What Happens If A Subway Drug Test Comes Back Positive?

If you take a Subway drug test and it comes back positive, you may likely face serious repercussions.

For example, if you were required to take a pre-employment drug test as part of your interview process at Subway, a positive result likely means you won’t get the job.

Also, Subway doesn’t permit positive results for current employees, including random drug tests, drug testing due to reasonable suspicion, or drug testing after an accident.

If a current Subway employee has a positive drug test result, they will likely be terminated from their position at Subway.  

Does Subway Have A Zero-Tolerance Policy?

Yes, numerous Subway franchises have a zero-tolerance policy to keep its staff and customers safe.

That said, Subway prohibits its staff members from working under the influence of alcohol or drugs or bringing related paraphernalia into the workplace.

Additionally, the Subway employee handbook states the use, possession, distribution, or purchase of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

Moreover, violations of Subway’s zero-tolerance policy will result in disciplinary action or even immediate termination from the franchise.

However, some Subway employees may be required to participate in a substance abuse rehabilitation program, or local law enforcement may be involved depending on the severity of the issue.

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Several Subway franchises require employees to undergo drug tests.

For example, Subway employees may have drug testing following an incident at work, suspected use, or as part of their pre-employment procedure.

That said, some Subway stores have a zero-tolerance policy that prohibits the use, possession, or distribution of alcohol and drugs on the Subway premises.

Also, if you fail a drug test, you will likely be subject to termination from Subway.

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