Does Target Sell YETI Coolers & Tumblers? (Do This Instead)

After years of remodeling and relocation into trendy urban locations, America now recognizes Target as an upscale one-stop-shop. As a result, its consumers are willing to pay a few extra dollars for quality, long-lasting products.

So, when you’re on the search for high-end products at Target, you may wonder whether you’ll find the highly sought-after YETI coolers and tumblers? Here is what you need to know!

Does Target Sell YETI Coolers & Tumblers In 2022?

Target does not sell YETI coolers or tumblers at any of its stores or online as of 2022. Customers can instead visit, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, or Dicks Sporting Goods to purchase Yeti products. Target also does sell a range of insulated coolers and tumblers starting from $10.

To find out more on why YETI coolers and tumblers are unavailable at Target and whether Target’s alternatives are worth the money, read on!

Why Doesn’t Target Sell YETI Coolers & Tumblers?

YETI’s cutting-edge coolers and tumblers have swept the market, with the brand generating over $400 million in sales each year.

So naturally, YETI only pitches its tumblers, coolers, and other products at premium homeware retailers or specialty businesses.

On average, YETI coolers cost $200-$1,000, which utterly exceeds the price Target’s primary consumer base is willing to pay.

Instead, Target encourages customers to purchase affordable coolers and tumblers designed by its own private labels exclusive to stores and

Where Can You Buy Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

YETI operates retail stores across the United States (Austin, Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Fort Lauderdale), United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, European countries, Mexico, and Japan.

Here or at, you can purchase coolers and tumblers from YETI’s entire range.

Customers will also find YETI coolers and tumblers at one of Lowe’s 2,000+ locations throughout America and Canada.

An assortment of cooler colors is available within a $249-$399 price range. Check out Lowe’ for its complete catalog of YETI stock.

If you’re looking to spend a little less on YETI’s favorite products, head to specialist shops such as REI, where coolers are sold for as little as $199.98.

Alternatively, head to Dicks Sporting Goods, where they guarantee great prices on tumblers and coolers.

Additionally, Ace Hardware sells a wide variety of YETI tumblers costing $19.99-$35.

The tumblers hold up to 10 ounces and come in blue, gray, crab orange, pink, seafoam, navy, and more. For more great prices, head over to online marketplace sites such as Amazon.

Are There Alternative Coolers & Tumblers At Target?

Are There Alternative Coolers & Tumblers At Target?

Yes, there are plenty of alternative coolers and tumblers available at Target stores and online.

You’ll notice quirky-looking coolers designed by its exclusive home and lifestyle brands, Sun Squad and Hearth and Hand with Magnolia.

Target offers fruit patterned backpack-style coolers that are excellent for carrying large loads, and you’re looking for something fun.

Alternatively, go for one of the vibrant tote coolers equipped with a shoulder strap and zippable compartments.

Meanwhile, Target offers more than 1,000 tumbler styles. Discover exclusive stainless steel, glass, and tall plastic designs made by Target’s Room Essentials and other known brands (see more below).

If you’re looking for a tumbler that can carry a substantial amount of liquid, you may consider the 30 oz Zak option for just $10.

However, Target also stocks smaller 7.5oz animated tumblers, perfect for the kids.

Are Coolers & Tumblers At Target Good?

All products curated by Target’s private label brands are made with quality in mind. When it comes to Sun Squad coolers, customers confidently provide a 5-star rating.

Not only was the aesthetic design on point, but they functioned well and are carried easily. The 14.4qt pineapple cooler comfortably fits 20 regular cans inside.

The Room Essentials tumblers with straws are also winners of a 5-star rating, with customers loving the diverse prints available. The tumblers can reportedly keep 30oz beverages cool for hours.

Does Target Carry Other Homeware Brands?

Yes, aside from its successful private labels, Target also offers products made by world-famous brands.

If you’re not prepared to splash out on a YETI cooler, head to Target for big alternative brands such as Igloo, Coleman, Fulton Bag Co., and Picnic Time.

Similarly, if you’re looking to make a saving on tumblers, Target offers models made by Zak, Disney, Ello, Hello Kitty, Marvel, American baseball teams, DreamWorks, and many more!

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YETI coolers and tumblers are not sold at Target as they are premium items at prices that do not fit with Target’s remit.

Purchase these products from any YETI store, online, high-end retailers, or specialty stores such as Lowe’s and Ace Hardware. Target offers its own brand of coolers and tumblers under Sun Squad and Room Essentials.

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