Does Walgreens Use Telecheck & Certegy To Verify Checks? 2022

Telecheck and Certegy are two widely used checks verification systems in the United States. Walgreens, one of the largest drugstore chains in America, accepts both Telecheck and Certegy checks as payment methods. However, it is unclear if Walgreens uses these systems to verify checks before they are accepted as payment.

Does Walgreens Use Telecheck & Certegy To Verify Checks In 2022?

All Walgreens stores will be using either Telecheck or Certegy to verify checks before processing in 2022. These services evaluate the risk of fraud based on your credit history, account status, and personal details. If you would like to inquire about which service your local store is using, please call them up!

How Can You Know If A Walgreens Store Uses Telecheck Or Certegy?

According to data collected from Walgreens customer service representatives, some stores use Telecheck while others use Certegy to verify checks before processing the payment.

To find out which of these two services your local Walgreens uses, you should call up the store and ask the representative about it. You can get the contact number of the store using the Walgreens store locator.

For What Reasons Could Telecheck & Certegy Deny Your Check At Walgreens?

Telecheck and Certegy perform analytics to advise Walgreens about the risk of accepting a particular check.

Therefore, your check could be denied by either of these services due to the following reasons:

  • Another check using the same account and routing number was previously rejected or reported to Telecheck or Certegy
  • Based on recent trends of fraud in that particular area and store, your check seems to have an amount that is too large or you are buying a product that has seen high occurrences of fraud
  • Telecheck or Certegy could not gather sufficient information to make a recommendation to the Walgreens cashier
  • Your records were incorrectly matched with someone else’s records
  • Your records and details with Certegy or Telecheck are outdated

How Can You Make Sure Your Check Is Accepted By Telecheck & Certegy At Walgreens?

If your check is denied by either Telecheck or Certegy at a Walgreens store, you have the right to ask for a free copy of your file from the service.

If the file contains incorrect or outdated information, you can require the service to fix and update your information in the file.

Once the information is updated, your check will be accepted by Walgreens for payment. If Telecheck or Certegy fails to update your information according to the FCRA guidelines, you can file a lawsuit in court.

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Walgreens does indeed use Telecheck in some of its stores and Certegy in others to verify all checks before payment is processed. These services deny checks based on the credit history of the account holder, the status of the account, and other details. Contact your local Walgreens store to find out which service of the two it uses.

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