Does Walmart Burn CDs In 2022? (All You Need To Know!)

Burning particular music tracks to a CD is a great way to customize the tracks you listen to in the car or from a stereo.

Walmart is no stranger to the latest tech, which may raise the question, does Walmart burn CDs? Here is what I found!

Does Walmart Burn CDs In 2022?

Walmart does burns CDs which is done online via and is also available at select stores. The price to burn songs, photographs, and videos to CDs at Walmart is $4.62 per disk. Once the CD has been burned with the desired material, it will be sent to your address.

If you’d like to find out whether Walmart stores still burn CDs and other retailers that provide the service, read on!

How Do You Burn CDs Online At Walmart?

Create a personalized CD by following these simple steps. Firstly, enter the music tab at and select “Create a Custom CD.’

Walmart will provide a vast catalog of songs for you to browse, pressing “Add to CD” when you find a track you like.

Once you’ve completed your playlist, select “Organize and Buy.’ You’ll need to enter your preferred shipping address and proceed with payment.

How Much Is It To Burn A CD At Walmart?

Walmart charges $4.62 to burn digital content to a CD. The price covers the cost of the physical CD, three songs, and packaging. Y

ou can add as many tracks from Walmart’s extensive catalog of music genres that the disk allows. Additional songs cost 88 cents to burn.

Customers can also personalize the CD title and use a variety of images to alter the packaging. Walmart’s standard shipping fee for orders under $35 costs $5.99.

Alternatively, customers can expect to pay around $3.96 to burn digital videos to a disk. You can customize the home film with smart chapters, highlight videos, personalized titles, themes, and background music.

Can You Burn CDs At Walmart Stores?

Only selected Walmart stores facilitate CD burning. Supercenters are your best bet when on the search for a computerized kiosk that links customers to C

heck where your nearest supercenter location is using the online store finder, or call ahead of your visit to be sure.

Does Walmart Sell CDs For Burning?

Yes, Walmart sells a wide variety of blank CDs suitable for burning music or other digital content.

When shopping in-store, head to the electronics department near computer accessories.

Alternatively, head online for a more extensive range available on Walmart Marketplace. Purchases well-known brands such as Verbatim, Maxwell, Innovera, and Phillips. A standard 50 pack costs around $20-$26.

Where Else Can You Burn CDs?

Burning CDs may be an old trick; however, many retailers across America still facilitate the service.

Pay a visit to FedEx Offices, Staples, Walgreens, Office Depot, and local businesses known for digital expertise if you’d prefer to burn CDs in person.

However, Walmart offers the lowest price, with the listed locations charging $5-$10 per disk.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Burn CDs?

Walmart burns music onto CDs for $4.62, including the disk, packaging, and three songs. Additional songs from Walmart’s online library cost 88 cents.

Customers can also pay $3.96 to burn digital videos and photos to a CD. Customize your CD under the music tab on or at the computerized kiosk located in selected superstores.

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