Does Walmart Cash Out Of State Checks In 2022? (Full Guide)

Walmart offers a wide range of financial services, including banking and money needs. Some people wonder if Walmart cashes out-of-state checks, but I discovered that the store does in fact cash these checks.

Does Walmart Cash Out Of State Checks In 2022?

Walmart is currently in the process of rolling out a new policy where they will cash out-of-state checks at their MoneyCenter counters starting in 2022. This means that as long as you have a valid ID, Walmart will be able to easily cash your check.

How To Cash Out Of State Checks At Walmart?

Walmart will cash an out-of-state check using the same process as an in-state check.

Simply take the check to a Walmart customer service desk or MoneyCenter counter along with a valid photo ID such as a passport or drivers’ license. 

Walmart will only cash checks from people stated on the Check. Once verified, relevant fees (see below) will be deducted from the overall value, and the remaining amount will be provided.

Additionally, the Walmart policy also limits transactions to 3 per person per day in line with state law.

How Are Funds Paid At Walmart?

Typically, funds are paid immediately by cash for out-of-state checks once they have been verified.

However, depending on your state and Walmart location, it can sometimes take up to 10 business days for out-of-state checks to clear.

How Much Does Check Out Of State Check Cashing Cost At Walmart?

Currently, Walmart charges a fee of $4 for any checks up to $1,000, whereas for checks valued at $1,001 and $5,000, the fee is $8.

Additionally, fees and charges may vary from January to April, so it is best to contact Walmart’s customer support team for further information.

How Does Walmart Authenticate Out Of State Checks?

Associates can verify whether the person stated on the out-of-state Check is the payee using your valid photo ID. Walmart also uses electronic third-party verification powered by either TeleCheck or Certegy. 

An out-of-state check will not be cashed if it fails TeleCheck or Certegy’s verification process. More than often, Checks fail due to a printing issue, a problem with the paper, or check setup.

What Types Of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

Walmart will gladly cash out-of-state Checks such as Payroll, Tax, Cashier’s, Insurance Settlements, 401(k), Retirement Distribution, All Pre-Printed, MoneyGram Money Orders, and Two-Party Personal Checks.

To learn more, you can see our other guides on what time Walmart stops cashing checks and if Walmart accepts Comdata, handwritten, and third-party checks.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Cash Out Of State Checks?

Yes, Walmart will cash out of state Checks at the customer service desk or MoneyCenter counter. $4 will be deducted for all Checks up to $1,000 and $8 for $5,000. Greater fees apply on Checks over $5,000 from January-April when the limit is $7,5000. Only stated payees can cash Checks. Ensure you bring a photo ID to verify.

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