Does Walmart Deliver To Ireland In 2022? (No, But Here’s How) 

If you are exploring Walmart’s online marketplace from Ireland, you might have come across a product that you want to buy.

However, before clicking “purchase,” you might be wondering whether or not Walmart delivers to Ireland. Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walmart Deliver To Ireland In 2022?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not deliver to Ireland as of 2022. To ship Walmart items to Ireland from the U.S, you must use an international package forwarding service like Stackry, MyUS, or Shipito, with shipping rates starting at $15 and going above $100.

To learn more about how you can ship Walmart items to Ireland through various international shipping companies, and about local alternatives to Walmart, keep on reading!

Why Does Walmart Not Ship to Ireland?

Walmart does not ship to Ireland because Walmart simply does not ship to anywhere outside of the USA.

As a result, anyone wanting to have Walmart items delivered to Ireland will need to use the shipping services of international package forwarding companies (see below).

How Can You Ship Walmart Goods to Ireland from the U.S?

To ship Walmart goods from the U.S. to Ireland, you need to first select a package forwarding company that will handle the logistics for you. You can choose any of the following companies:

  • MyUS
  • Stackry
  • Ship7
  • Shipito
  • Shop and Ship
  • ViaBox
  • NyBox
  • Borderlinx

To help you make the right decision, you can read customer reviews from forums like this one about the quality and reliability of services provided by each company.

Once you’ve selected your preferred package forwarding company, you should follow these steps to successfully ship Walmart goods to Ireland from the USA: 

  1. Enter the address of the shipping company’s U.S. warehouse (shared by the company) when checking out from Walmart’s online marketplace.
  1. You will receive photos of the parcel once it has reached the warehouse. View these carefully to make sure there are no defects or damages to the item before it is shipped.
  1. Select a shipping package depending on how quickly you want the parcel to reach the address in Ireland. Typical delivery times range between 7 and 21 days.
  1. After completing the payment, you will receive a tracking number that you should keep safe since it will be used to track your order and resolve other issues.
  1. Keep tracking your order to make sure everything is on time and receive the order at the local Ireland address on the expected date of delivery.

If a delivery cannot be made to a home mail address in Ireland, the recipient of the package may have to go and collect it at a local courier office (for example, at a local An Post courier office).

How Much Will It Cost To Ship Walmart Goods To Ireland?

Each package forwarding company will have slightly different rates for shipping Walmart goods to Ireland. However, these will typically start from $15 and go above $100 depending on the weight of the parcel and your preferred delivery time.

Note that you may end up paying a lot more in delivery charges than you would save by ordering the product from Walmart, so be sure to do the calculation beforehand!

Is There A Walmart In Ireland?

No, there are no Walmart stores in Ireland because the country’s policies restrict superstore models like that of Walmart.

However, you can visit local stores like ASDA (if you’re in Northern Ireland), TK Maxx, Tesco, and Dunnes since these are great local alternatives to Walmart in Ireland.

To learn more, you can see our other guides on where Walmart ships from, and if Walmart ships to other countries like Australia, UK, and Canada.


If you are interested in being able to ship Walmart items to Ireland, there are a plethora of international forwarding companies available for you to choose from!

But you must carefully consider the costs involved in shipping Walmart items to Ireland from the USA, and compare prices from different shipping providers. You may well find that it costs a far greater amount of money than you originally thought it would to ship Walmart items from the USA over to Ireland!

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