Dollar General Bereavement Policy 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

Dollar General boasts around 140,000 employees across its many stores in the United States of America.

Employees receive benefits such as health and life insurance at DG, but you may be wondering whether Dollar General offers a dedicated Bereavement policy as part of this. Here is what I have managed to find out!

Dollar General Bereavement Policy 2022

Dollar General does not make public mention of any known bereavement policy for their employees as of 2022. However, most employers in the United States will grant three days of bereavement leave for employees to grieve a loss.

You may be wondering whether you are entitled to bereavement leave, and what is required to qualify for it. Read on to find out about Dollar General’s bereavement policy. 

Am I Entitled To Bereavement Leave At Dollar General?

No employer is required by law to provide bereavement leave.

However, in the United States, while no employer is made to provide paid bereavement leave, the U.S. Family Medical Leave Act allows employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to deal with family matters.

Many employers will require considerable proof of bereavement, and proof that the bereaved are related.

Some employers may only consider bereavement leave for specific types of relative, such as immediate family.

Am I Entitled To Paid Bereavement Leave? 

Different employers will likely have a number of different stipulations for their bereavement policies. Some employers may choose to pay an employee over a period of bereavement leave, but others may choose not to do so. 

It is generally best to check with your employer directly at Dollar General, even in person, to find out what they are willing to offer to you.  

What Is Considered As ‘Immediate Family’ To Qualify For Bereavement Leave? 

For immediate family, most employers will offer paid bereavement to their employees for up to five days. For others, such as friends, many employers offer just one day of paid bereavement.

Immediate family is defined as; a spouse, a child, a parent or step-parent, siblings, grandparents, nephews/nieces, or in-laws, among a few others.

For anyone outside of the immediate family, the one-day period leave is to allow attendance at the funeral. Employers may ask for proof of relation.

What Counts As Proof of Bereavement For Family Or Others?

Obituaries, funeral programs, and prayer cards would each be largely considered as irrefutable evidence of bereavement.

Some employers may also decide to ask for the name of the deceased, the date of their death, and may possibly even ask for the location of their death. Such evidence would be considered solid for most employers, provided that it can be verified properly.

Again, as Dollar General does not have a public bereavement policy, it is best to discuss this with your store manager. Additionally, you can also read the Dollar General termination policy, Dollar General employee discount policy, and the Dollar General dress code policy.

Dollar General does not state a definitive bereavement for employees of any given store. However, the large majority of businesses will allow for some amount of time to be taken off by the employee in order to grieve. Whether or not this time off is paid is up to the employer’s discretion.

If you wish to find out about your local Dollar General’s bereavement policies, it is best to get in contact with them. 

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