Home Depot Bereavement Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights)

Most companies offer generous bereavement leaves to employees to help them get through an emotionally challenging time in their lives with their loved ones.

So if you’re a Home Depot employee or thinking about applying for a role there, you may be wondering – what is Home Depot’s bereavement policy? Here is what I’ve found out about it!

Home Depot Bereavement Policy In 2022

Home Depot gives 3 paid days-off following the death of an immediate relative including a child, partner, or parent. This policy covers employees that have worked at the company for 90-days or more. Home Depot also offers grants that assist with various funeral and travel-related expenses.

If you want to learn more about the eligibility criteria for paid bereavement leave at Home Depot, which relations are covered under this policy, and much more, keep on reading!

Who Is Eligible For Home Depot’s Bereavement Policy?

Both full-time and part-time employees are covered by Home Depot’s bereavement policy.

However, these employees must have worked at Home Depot for at least 90-days, and so former interns have noted that they were not eligible for bereavement leave.

Note that full-time employees are recognized as those that work 24 hours or more per week, whereas part-time associates typically work 12 hours a week.

How Long Is Bereavement Leave At Home Depot?

Previous employees noted on Glassdoor that they were allowed 3-paid days off.

You may take additional time off for a funeral by using vacation days, either by booking it off in advance or swapping shifts when possible.

Which Relations Does Home Depot’s Bereavement Policy Cover?

Home Depot’s bereavement policy may vary slightly depending on management across different stores.

However, most stores will allow paid bereavement leave if an immediate family member passes away. Eligible relatives typically include:

  • Parent: mother, father, step-relation, or official guardian
  • Partner
  • Child: biological, fostered, adopted, and stepchild
  • Sibling: biological sibling or step sibling

You may need to speak to your store manager or HR department about taking time off following the death of a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, god-relation, or close friend.

Keep in mind that Home Depot may not pay the time taken following the death of these figures.

Does Home Depot Pay During Bereavement Leave?

Does Home Depot Pay During Bereavement Leave?

Home Depot’s bereavement policy offers three days of paid leave that can be taken consecutively or individually.

For these days, employees are typically paid their standard rate depending on their contracted hours.

Bereavement pay is usually included in your regular wage on the day you are typically paid, but you can speak to your team lead if you’d like to make sure.

Other than that, Home Depot also offers Direct Grant Assistance Related To Death.

This program offers financial assistance to employees that must pay funeral expenses following the death of an associate’s parent or young child of 26 years and younger.

It also covers employees that cannot afford to pay for a burial or cremation of their relatives.

Associates will need to present a document proving the relationship to the deceased and official details of the funeral costs.

Note that the program also offers support with travel expenses to and from the funeral of a deceased parent, sibling, and child.

To qualify for this assistance, employees must show documentation stating their relationship to the deceased and proof of travel costs to attend the funeral.

Is Home Depot Legally Required To Provide Bereavement Leave?

According to the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), no federal law makes a bereavement policy a legal requirement for employers.

However, each state has enforced its own expectations and laws permitting bereavement leave.

Oregon is currently the only state to recognize bereavement leave as a legal requirement, and so Home Depot stores there should allow you leave for a spouse, parent, and child.

Note that it is also extended to in-laws, grandparents, and grandchildren, and time off in Oregon does not need to be paid.

Does Home Depot Require Proof Of Bereavement?

To receive bereavement leave, your store manager may ask you for proof of bereavement.

While some stores only require details such as your relationship with the deceased and date of death, other stores may require you to present a copy of the death certificate.

Note that the latter is more common if you are taking paid time off.

Can You Extend Bereavement Leave At Home Depot?

Employees are welcome to extend their bereavement leave beyond the 3 provided days, but they may not necessarily be paid for the additional time off.

You can apply for a Leave of Absence under personal circumstances. Although this Leave of Absence is usually unpaid, you may obtain job security.

If you are struggling with your mental health following a bereavement, you may qualify for sick leave. Alternatively, you can take paid time off by using the remaining vacation days.

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Conclusion: Home Depot Bereavement Policy

Full-time and part-time employees that have worked at Home Depot for at least 90-days are eligible for bereavement policy benefits.

The policy covers the death of immediate family members such as parents, children, or partners.

For additional bereavement days, you can apply for Leave of Absence, take sick days, or use a paid vacation.

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