Home Depot Quitting Policy In 2022 (All You need To Know)

Employees looking to quit their current company should always consult and understand the quitting policy of the company to leave in a professional and appropriate manner.

So if you’re considering leaving your Home Depot job to pursue a better opportunity, you may be wondering – what is Home Depot’s quitting policy? Here is what I’ve discovered about it!

Home Depot Quitting Policy In 2022

Home Depot employees are required to give at least 2-weeks notice before quitting, although this can be negotiated with the store manager. Additionally, employees should provide a resignation letter to the store manager or HR department. Home Depot will clear outstanding payments following the regular schedule.

If you want to learn more about whether you’ll be paid unused vacation time, whether you can get rehired after quitting, and how to quit properly, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Require Notice Before Quitting?

If you’re looking to leave on good terms, both full-time and part-time staff should consider providing a two-week notice period, according to Indeed.

However, sufficiently staffed stores or stores operating in non-peak business periods may allow just one week.

Note that store managers may decline paid vacation requests from employees working their notice period.

However, you may still claim paid bereavement leave (provided you have worked at the store for more than 90-days) or sick leave if you are suffering from an illness.

Who Do I Talk To About Quitting Home Depot?

You should hand your resignation to the store manager of the Home Depot location where you work.

However, if you do not feel comfortable with this member, you can contact Home Depot’s HR department as well.

You can do this by offering a letter of resignation by hand or email, speaking face to face (when applicable), or contacting them by phone.

Will Home Depot Rehire Me If I Quit?

If you are leaving Home Depot entirely, you may need to wait several months before you can reapply.

The rehiring process also depends on whether you left your previous store on good terms, your reputation as an associate, and your reason for departing.

According to previous employees on Indeed, ex-store associates that were fired were told to wait a 6 months to 2 year period before reapplying.

Note that the timeframe may depend on the store and the reason Home Depot terminated your contract.

How Can I Quit Home Depot?

How Can I Quit Home Depot?

When considering quitting your position at Home Depot, the first thing you should do is speak to a supervisor or the store manager.

You may consider letting these figures know that you plan to hand in a resignation letter.

Resignation letters are formal documents that state your decision to leave. You can create one with pen and paper or by email and send it directly to your store manager or the HR.

Make sure you write the date, your reason for leaving, your final date, your gratification (if you are looking to leave positively), and your signature on the resignation letter.

You may then negotiate a new notice period in line with the store’s needs.

Keep in mind that on your final day, you may need to sign a leaving document and hand back any resources you use for work.

Can I Quit Home Depot Without Notice?

Although you can quit Home Depot without notice, it is not deemed the official procedure.

If you decide to stop turning up for work without notice you may not be able to rely on your previous managers for a positive job reference later down the line.

Despite this, Home Depot will honor immediate resignations if something serious happens in your personal life.

This can include events such as a bereavement, commitments to care for a vulnerable person, disabilities, or dramatic changes to your health.

Will I Still Get Paid After Quitting Home Depot?

If you have outstanding pay due after leaving Home Depot, you will receive this payment on your regular day of pay.

Other than that, any paid vacation time off can also be applied to this paycheck in accordance with state laws.

In most states, it is mandatory to pay employees any vacation time that they have not used by the time they leave their role. These states include:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • District of Columbia
  • Kentucky

What Happens If Home Depot Terminates Me?

Home Depot holds an obligation to terminate the contracts of employees that challenge the company’s rules for reasons such as:

  • Misconduct during a shift
  • Drug or alcohol abuse on-site or during a shift
  • Opposing Home Depot’s Code of Conduct policy
  • Harassing, abusing, or discriminating against other employees or customers
  • Theft or allowance of theft
  • Redundancy

You may be asked to leave with immediate effect depending on the severity of the situation that resulted in the termination of your contract.

Those who are made redundant, also known as laid off, may be given several weeks’ notice.

Make sure that Home Depot stores your correct address as your W-2 document will be sent to that location.

Additionally, your final pay, including any applicable vacation pay, will occur on the upcoming payday after your termination.

Note that salaried associates may need to ask an HR representative to submit their vacation balance before the payment is due.

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Conclusion: Home Depot Quitting Policy

To formally quit Home Depot, employees should give a resignation letter written by hand or email to the store manager or HR department with at least 2-week’s notice.

After your leave, you will be paid any outstanding money on your usual payday. Some states require Home Depot to pay any unused vacation pay too.

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