How Do Amazon Wishlists Work In 2022? (Show Email + More) 

When customers find items on Amazon they’d like to purchase at a later date, Amazon gives them the option to add such products to a wishlist so that they don’t lose the product page.

However, some customers may be curious as to how exactly the Amazon Wishlist works. If you’d like to learn the same thing, keep reading this article to see what I found out!

How Do Amazon Wishlists Work In 2022?

The Amazon Wish List is a list on customer’s accounts that shoppers can add products to that they plan to purchase at a later date. Customers can add their friends to their wishlist for getting gift ideas, and Amazon will not remove any items from the wishlist unless they have been permanently removed from the website. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to create an Amazon Wish List, how to add items to the wish list, how to manage the list and more, keep reading for more useful facts and information!

How Do You Create an Amazon Wish List?

In order to create a wish list on Amazon, customers can do so by utilizing the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account and select “Accounts & Lists” in the top right corner.
  2. Under “Your Lists,” click on the “Create a Wish List” option.
  3. Enter a name into your wish list, and click the “Create List” button.

The wish list will default to being private. However, customers have the option to add other people to the list by pressing the “+Invite” button or the “Send list to others” button.

How Do You Add Items to Your Amazon Wish List?

In order to add items to the wish list, customers can search for items they wish to purchase.

On the right side of the product page, the option “Add to Wish List” will be listed under the option to add the item to the cart.

After adding the product to the wish list, customers can access the products they’ve added at any time.

Additionally, customers can sort their items into categories of purchased, unpurchased and all items. 

How Do I Manage My Amazon Wish List?

There are a number of ways customers can better manage their Amazon wish list to make it easier to locate their potential purchases. 

On the right side of the screen, there is a button titled “More” that will give a drop-down menu when customers click on it.

In order to sort the list, select the “Manage list” option. 

On the manage option, customers can change their privacy settings, contact information, and can choose to keep items purchased by friends or family a secret so that their surprise isn’t spoiled.

Customers can also add a description for the wish list so that their friends and family have a better idea of what it’s for. 

Do Amazon Wishlists Show Your Address?

Do Amazon Wishlists Show Your Address?

Amazon wish lists are mostly anonymous and do not show information such as a customer’s street address as well as billing information.

However, some other information may be displayed, such as first and last names, email addresses, and birth dates.

If customers are concerned about some of their personal information being displayed, they can choose to keep their wish list private and simply share the product pages with their friends by sending links over text or email.

Does Amazon Notify You When Someone Buys Something Off Your Wish List?

When a friend or family member purchases an item for a customer from their wish list, the wish list will title the product as “Unpurchased” to prevent a surprise from being spoiled.

However, if the customer tries to purchase the item themself, Amazon will notify them that their item has already been purchased by someone on their list.

Otherwise, all purchases will remain private to avoid a spoiler. 

Is Amazon’s Wish List Private?

When customers create a new wish list, Amazon will default the list to being private.

However, if customers wish to share their list with others, they can change their settings to “Shared,” and select the “+Invite” or “Send list to others” buttons. 

However, if customers wish to remove friends from their list, they can do so at any time by switching their settings back to private. 

How Does Amazon Wish List Work for Sellers?

Amazon Wish List is a commodity for Amazon sellers, as they have an app called SellerApp that tracks their “Most Wished For” items in their product selection.

Therefore, the Amazon wish list feature enables sellers to better understand their clientele and to know how to push the products that are most popular. 

The wish list has a number of features for sellers that help them to better increase their sales. For example, when customers add items to a wishlist, they will be notified of any price reductions for the item.

Therefore, price reductions help sellers to push sales, as price drop alerts create more of an incentive for customers to purchase their wish list items. 

How Do I Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon?

Customers can easily locate their friends’ wish list, as long as the setting for the list is turned to the public setting! In order to locate the list, customers can do the following:

  1. On the Amazon home page, select the “Find a Registry or List” option.
  2. After selecting this option, search the first and last name of your friend or family member  and select “Add friend.”

Now that customers are able to view their friends list, they can make purchases from that list in private as gifts, and their friend won’t be able to see what was purchased on their behalf. 

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The Amazon Wish List enables customers to save items to their account that they wish to purchase at another time.

As well, customers can make their lists public and add friends and family, which they can use to make gift purchases for each other without the purchase being made public to the recipient. 

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