How Do I Know If I Have Amazon Prime? (3 Simple Steps)

Amazon’s Prime Membership gives customers a range of benefits such as expedited delivery options, regular discounts and cashback, and access to a variety of exclusive features on Amazon. 

If you’re in the process of subscribing (or unsubscribing) to the Prime membership, you may be wondering how to check whether you have Amazon Prime? Here is what I’ve found out about this! 

How Do I Know If I Have Amazon Prime In 2022?

Customers should log in to Amazon to check the status of their Amazon Prime membership as of 2022. Next, they should click on their account and the “Your Prime Membership” link to be redirected to the “Manage Your Prime Membership” page. This page will display the customer’s current status beneath their name. 

If you want to learn more about whether Amazon automatically renews prime memberships, how to avoid getting overcharged by Amazon, and much more, keep on reading! 

What Steps Should I Follow To Check My Amazon Prime Membership?

If you don’t check the status of your Amazon Prime membership for too long, you may end up getting overcharged. 

Follow these steps to check your membership status and make changes accordingly: 

  • Make sure you are logged into Amazon and then click on your account dropdown menu 
  • Select the “Manage Prime Membership” option 
  • You will see the current status of your membership underneath your name in the left bar 

Note that if you are not subscribed to Amazon Prime, you will see an invitation to join the membership. 

Other than that, if you want to view all your Amazon memberships, click on “Memberships & Subscriptions”.  

This page will display your current and past subscriptions with a search bar and help function. 

In addition to Prime, other Amazon membership programs include Prime Student, Amazon Family, Amazon @ Your University, and AmazonSmile, which are all available under your memberships. 

Does Amazon Automatically Renew Prime Memberships?

Does Amazon Automatically Renew Prime Memberships

It’s important to check your Amazon Prime membership because Amazon has an automatic renewal feature. 

At the end of your selected membership period, Amazon Prime automatically renews and charges your card. However, you can turn this feature off even if it’s only a free trial.  

To switch automatic renewal off, go to your account and under “Manage Prime Membership”, select “disable auto-renew”, making sure to save your new settings to avoid being overcharged.  

Keep in mind that you can also opt for Amazon reminder emails that will let you know before your Prime membership is about to expire or renew.  

Make sure you read through all the settings on the Prime membership page to ensure it matches your preferences. 

How Can I Update My Amazon Prime Membership?

The full details of signing up for and canceling Amazon Prime memberships are available in the Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions. 

You should read this information to understand what you are agreeing to by signing up for Amazon Prime.  

To cancel, renew, or resume your Amazon Prime membership, just visit your account settings and click on the desired option.  

If you don’t have Amazon Prime or you canceled your membership a long time ago, you should see advertisements for Prime benefits with all your options. 

However, if you do have a Prime membership and you wish to cancel it, just keep in mind that there are cancellation fees.  

Note that as long as you signed up for Prime directly through Amazon, you can cancel at any time in your membership settings. 

Additionally, Amazon will refund the full membership fee if you cancel within three business days of signing up or converting a free trial into a paid membership.  

Amazon does charge the value of Prime benefits used by the account during the three-day period.  

If you cancel at any time, you won’t get a refund on the membership fee unless you did not use any Prime benefits or made eligible purchases since the latest charge. 

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To see if you have an active Amazon Prime account, log in to Amazon and click on the “Prime Membership” option where your status is displayed.  

You can also select ”Memberships & Subscriptions” to view all current and past Amazon subscriptions on the same page.

If you need to cancel your membership, update your payment, or change your renewal preferences, you can do this under the Prime membership settings. 

Remember to check the renewal date and cancel accordingly to ensure you don’t get overcharged if you decide you’re done with Amazon Prime.

You can also pause your Prime membership if you need to take a break and won’t need your Prime benefits for a while. 

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