How Many Planes Does Amazon Have In 2022? (Fleet, + More)

It’s been just over a century since airplanes took off – literally and figuratively! Since the early days, airplanes have transformed into amazing, high-tech vehicles that connect the world.

While passenger air travel is extremely popular, planes are also widely used for cargo freight, especially by big-name businesses like Amazon.

You may be curious how many planes does Amazon have? I was curious about Amazon’s fleet of planes too, so I looked into it, and here’s what I found!

How Many Planes Does Amazon Have In 2022?

Amazon has expanded its Amazon Air fleet in the past few years, and the company has 73 planes as of 2022. Additionally, Amazon has purchased 11 used Boeing jets and plans to bring them into service within the next year as the demand for Amazon packages continues to grow.

If you want to know more about Amazon planes, such as how big the fleet is and where these incredible cargo planes fly to, then keep reading!

How Big Is Amazon’s Plane Fleet?

Amazon’s fleet of planes has grown to 73 aircraft in 2022. This includes 22 Boeing 737-800(BCF), 12 of which are operated by Sun Country Airlines, eight with Southern Air, and two with ASL Airlines Ireland.

In addition to the Boeing 737-800s, Amazon has 51 wide-body jets fin the Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF) model.

With sales and total revenue soaring and more and more countries coming on board to welcome Amazon’s continued expansion to their shores, the company plans to increase its fleet further in the next few years.

Amazon expects to have 85 planes, if not more, by the end of 2023, and the company continues to make deals with airlines that are looking to get rid of older aircraft.

These are perfect buys for Amazon as they have the financial resources to convert these jets into long-haul cargo planes.

What Types Of Planes Does Amazon Have?

What Types Of Planes Does Amazon Have?

Amazon has 22 Boeing 737-800(BCF) and 51 Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF/BCF). These passenger jets are converted for cargo purposes and can haul well over 100,000 lb. of cargo per flight. 

You can tell Amazon Air planes apart from others thanks to the beautiful bright blue livery and Amazon branding.

You may notice these planes taking off from some of the busiest passenger airports in the U.S., as Amazon flies to nearly all major airports across the country, with several international destinations too.

As a Seattle-based company, Amazon is sticking with another Washington business for its Amazon Airplanes.

Amazon exclusively uses Boeing aircraft and has no plans to switch in the future, as more Boeing plans are slated to enter the Amazon Air fleet before the end of next year.

Is Amazon Making New Planes?

Amazon is preparing to put new aircraft into service in the next year after securing a deal with Delta and WestJet to buy 11 used Boeing 767-300 jets.

Once these jets are introduced to Amazon’s fleet, Amazon Air is expected to grow to over 85 planes.

Although Amazon itself is not producing new planes, it’s poised to continue purchasing aircraft from different airlines to keep growing and improving its cargo services.

After purchasing planes, Amazon begins the conversion process to maximize efficiency and ensure thousands of packages can be safely transported at any time.

Where Does Amazon Fly To?

Amazon flies to dozens of locations in North America and Europe. Not only does Amazon fly to all the top airports in the U.S., including states like California, Texas, Florida, and New York, but it also flies to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

In terms of international flight routes, Amazon Air provides cargo service to London, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Although these flights to Europe are less frequent than the U.S. flights that take off every hour, they are set to grow as Amazon Air continues its rapid expansion.

Currently, there are around 140 Amazon Air flights every day, but soon Amazon hopes to reach 160 daily flights or even higher.

If the company continues posting billion-dollar growth every year, then the sales and delivery demand will support even greater expansion of the Amazon Airplane fleet.

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Amazon knows air travel is absolutely essential to its cargo services, which is why the company continues to expand its cargo airline. As of 2022, Amazon Air, previously known as Prime Air, has a fleet size of 73 planes, with plans to introduce new plans in the next year.

Amazon relies on Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 to deliver millions of packages throughout the U.S. and beyond, including international delivery destinations like London, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Amazon Air flies 140 daily flights on average while the e-commerce giant hopes to expand its flight schedule with new plans and routes coming soon.

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