How To Cancel IKEA Order In 2022 (Step-By-Step Guide)

If you have ever placed an incorrect order, then you know how stressful changing it can be. This stress can be amplified with a store as efficient and quick as Ikea is!

Therefore, we have written the ultimate guide on how to cancel or change your IKEA order. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

How To Cancel IKEA Order In 2022?

To amend, reschedule or cancel an IKEA order, customers can visit to see their IKEA order which can then be cancelled. Alternatively, if you are based in the USA, you can contact IKEA on 1-888-888-4532 for further assistance.

Additionally, it is unlikely that you will be able to cancel an IKEA order a few days after purchasing, as the order will have already been picked, packaged and likely sent for shipping.

The following step by step guide offers more detailed instructions on what to do!

Step 1: Call Customer Support Quickly

You will want to call their customer support helpline as soon as you can after placing the order. US based IKEA customers can call 1-888-888-4532 and UK based customers can call on 020 3645 0000.

Your phone call will either be answered with an automated answering service or customer support staff.

For the latter, simply discuss the situation with them and state that you wish to cancel your order.

If you have an automated response, you will need to listen to the call options before selecting the right response when they ask if you have made a purchase.

From here, you will either have to say “yes” into the phone speaker or press a certain key to confirm.

Once you have answered the necessary questions, you will be put through to a member of IKEA staff. You will then need to explain to them that you wish to cancel your order.

Step 2: Have Your Order Number In Hand

The IKEA staff will need to have your order number to check on the status of the order to see if you are still eligible to cancel it.

Additionally, you can find your order number on your order confirmation email from IKEA.

Alternatively, you will also be able to find it within the ‘order history’ section on your online account on the IKEA website.

It is likely that your IKEA telephone advisor will also ask for your full name and delivery details in order to confirm that you purchased the order.

This information is needed for security and verification reasons.

Step 3: Find Out If Your IKEA Order Can Be Cancelled

Step 3: Find Out If Your IKEA Order Can Be Cancelled

Once verification is complete, your IKEA telephone advisor will confirm whether or not an order cancellation is possible.

IKEA orders can be cancelled up to 2 days before the order’s intended delivery date. Your order can be cancelled so long as you call before this date.

If you are calling the day before your order is set to be delivered, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to cancel your IKEA order.

This is because the order will be in dispatch and will already be on its way to you.

Step 4: Confirm Refund Payment Details

If your order is eligible for a cancellation, your IKEA telephone advisor may wish to confirm your payment details for security purposes.

We recommend also asking for this information to be sent to you via email so that you have written confirmation of the cancellation being accepted should any issues occur.

Step 5: Receive Your Refund!

You can expect to receive your IKEA refund within the next few days after cancelling your order. Keep checking your emails and bank account to see if the money has been sent over.

If it hasn’t, you can contact IKEAs customer service using the same number as you did for the order cancellation.

Can I Make Changes To My Ikea Order Online?

You can try to amend your Ikea order online here by clicking on this link! You will have to be quick though as the order has likely already begun processing.

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Thanks to modern technology there are a few quick ways to cancel your IKEA order and still receive a full refund. For the quickest response, we recommend phoning IKEA’s helpline directly – they will be happy to assist you!

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