IKEA Bathrooms (12 Things To Know Before & After Buying)

As one of the world’s best-loved, and largest furniture retailers, it’s no surprise that IKEA offers an extensive range of easy-to-install bathroom furniture sets and accessories.

Their bathroom range covers everything from small space solutions for storage to faucets and showerheads. I’ve done some research and rounded up a few things you should know before buying a bathroom at IKEA!

IKEA Bathrooms In 2022

IKEA sells a range of products suitable for bathrooms. Their bathroom range covers matching bathroom furniture sets, bathroom accessories, sinks, faucets, showerheads, and lighting. Though an extensive range, IKEA doesn’t stock all supplies needed for a full bathroom renovation. Notable exceptions include toilets and tiles. IKEA bathroom products offer easy-to-build, innovative options for your bathroom renovation.

Now you know the basics of the IKEA bathroom range, read on to find out how much IKEA bathrooms cost, if IKEA bathrooms are considered good, and if IKEA installs bathrooms!

How Much Do IKEA Bathrooms Cost?

A full remodel of a bathroom may require more than just IKEA products, as the retailer does not stock everything needed for a full renovation.

For furniture replacements and additional accessories, it is estimated to start around $1000 to remodel your bathroom with IKEA.

For individual vanities and sink cabinets, prices start around $30 and go up to $1000.

Additionally, bathroom storage comes in lots of styles, including mirrored cabinets and tall cabinets, and prices start around $40.

Bathroom accessories include everything from toilet brushes and toothbrush holders to makeup organizers and soap dispensers.

The prices vary across the board for these, but you can find some great deals, like soap dispensers for as low as $0.99 and a pack of two towel hooks for less than $2.

Are IKEA Bathroom Products Good?

IKEA bathroom products are generally considered to be of good quality. Owners of IKEA bathroom furniture attest to its durability as well as its style.

Additionally, IKEA bathroom vanities are a firm favorite among interior design bloggers, and many recommend these fixtures for their timelessness, hardiness, and relative cheapness.

The only bathroom product that appears to have negative reviews is the IKEA faucets.

A few customer forums have reported issues with faucets. Others, however, report that IKEA faucets are durable.

Does IKEA Install Bathrooms?

IKEA offers an assembly service through TaskRabbit. This partnership can connect you with local handymen who can assemble and install your bathroom products.

The price of installation varies per item with prices starting around $30 for a shelving unit and going up to $69 for vanity cabinets.

If you are installing a full bathroom and using IKEA products, the contractor handling your installation may be able to assemble the IKEA products you have chosen.

IKEA bathroom furniture is also easily assembled by yourself as IKEA products are renowned for having easy-to-follow instructions and even easier assembly.

And if you get stuck IKEA even have their own YouTube channel with how-to videos to help you out.

Does IKEA Make Custom Bathrooms?

While IKEA doesn’t do custom bathrooms, they do offer an online bathroom planner which lets you map out how all the furniture you want would fit into the room.

It lets you adjust the size of the room to match the dimensions of the space you have.

Furthermore, you can customize your IKEA furniture to an extent, by changing door handles, doors, and positioning.

There are several different IKEA ‘hacks’ wherein furniture from different parts of the store, including kitchen cabinets, have been used to create bathroom furniture for an individual space.

Can I Use IKEA Kitchen Cabinets In My Bathroom?

Can I Use IKEA Kitchen Cabinets In My Bathroom?

Though not designed for bathrooms, kitchen cabinets are hardy and can endure the conditions of a bathroom well.

Customers have recommended the Sektion kitchen cabinets as good replacements for bathroom cabinets.

Do IKEA Sell Toilets?

Toilets are currently missing from IKEA’s bathroom product offering.

While you can buy lots of other bathroom furniture products, toilets are not currently offered by IKEA in the US.

Does IKEA Sell Bathroom Sinks?

As part of IKEA’s bathroom product sections, the retailer sells a range of bathroom sinks.

These sinks are designed to work with IKEA’s other bathroom furniture, and in particular with their vanities.

IKEA sinks start at around $35 for their most basic sink and go up to $200+ for double sinks and wider styles.

Does IKEA Sell Bathroom Fixtures?

IKEA sells a range of fixtures, including towel rails and toilet roll holders, as well as showerheads and faucets.

IKEA bathroom fixtures are a great way to spruce up a bathroom without having to remodel the entire space.

Does IKEA Sell Free-Standing Bathroom Storage Cupboards?

IKEA sells a huge range of storage pieces in their bathroom range, this includes free-standing storage.

Both the Hemnes and Silverån cupboard ranges offer free-standing tall cupboards for bathroom storage, among many others.

These free-standing cabinets start at around $40 and go up to $200+ depending on the style you choose.

Does IKEA Sell Bathroom Mirrors?

IKEA sells many different kinds of bathroom mirrors.

Their product offering includes mirrored cabinets, magnifying mirrors, vanity mirrors, and even mirrors with lights.

Their mirrors start around $5 – $10 for smaller makeup mirrors, plainly designed mirrors, and simple free-standing mirrors, and go up to $250 – $300 for bigger mirrored cabinets.

Do You Have To Use IKEA Faucets With IKEA Sinks?

According to customer forums, you don’t necessarily need to use IKEA faucets with IKEA sinks but it does make it easier.

The essential item you will need is an IKEA drain to allow for the full movement of any drawers in the vanity the sink sits in.

How Do You Clean IKEA Sinks?

IKEA sinks are easy to clean according to customers. One IKEA sink owner suggests not using a steel sponge on IKEA’s porcelain sink range as it damages the finish of the product.

IKEA sinks appear relatively easy to clean and can be rinsed daily to ensure they’re kept in good condition.

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IKEA bathrooms are a relatively cheap and easy way to renovate a bathroom without pulling the entire room out. IKEA doesn’t sell bathroom tiles or toilets, and so a full renovation is difficult solely with IKEA.

IKEA bathrooms are considered to be of good quality and can be customized, along with pieces from other departments, to create a bathroom that works well in your space.

IKEA has a product assembly service for customers who do not want to build their own products and is relatively cheap. If you do not want to pay for this service, IKEA furniture is generally easy to build and they have a YouTube channel with guides if you get stuck.

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