Is Aldi Coming To Colorado In 2022 (Plans + Potential Locations)

It’s always a bummer when you see people around the country enjoying a store that your area doesn’t have. For some of us, that’s Costco; others, Trader Joe’s. And for a handful of people in 12 states (at this point), that store is Aldi. 

While Aldi has certainly made its presence known in much of the U.S., one of the states where the company hasn’t yet ventured is Colorado.

This might be surprising to a lot of people, as cities like Denver and Boulder are very well known. So is Aldi coming to Colorado soon? Read on. 

Is Aldi Coming To Colorado In 2022?

Aldi has no plans to expand into Colorado, Denver, or Boulder as of 2022. Instead, the grocery chain is focusing its building efforts on the Gulf Coast, while simultaneously refurbishing and renovating existing stores around in the Northeast region and along the eastern seaboard.  

To find out why I don’t think Aldi is coming to Colorado, some cities where the chain would do well if they did, and even some suggestions for greasing the wheels of progress a bit faster and letting Aldi know their presence is requested, see below! 

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Colorado?

Aldi has publicly confirmed their intention to focus on the Gulf Coast and Florida, while simultaneously sinking part of their billion-dollar budget into the refurbishment and renovation of existing stores in the Northeast region and along the Eastern seaboard. 

States including in the expansion include Louisiana, which marks Aldi’s 38th state, Mississippi and Alabama, which is getting a big boost from the distribution warehouse going in the city of Loxley. Construction broke ground there in February 2021.  

Unfortunately, Colorado just isn’t part of any of the targeted areas so far, despite abutting several states that already have Aldi stores. So hopeful fans of the chain will have to keep waiting.  

Where Could Aldi Build Stores In Colorado?

Where Could Aldi Build Stores In Colorado?

I have to say, it’s surprising there aren’t any Aldi stores in Colorado already, considering the populous (and popular) cities that mark the state. 

The capital, Denver, is ripe for Aldi development, as well as nearby cities Aurora and Boulder. Fort Collins in the north would be another great location, as well as Colorado Springs, just south of Denver. 

Is There A Market For Aldi Stores In Colorado?

If you’re judging by the clamor on social media, there is absolutely a market for Aldi stores in Colorado. One Facebook thread (from 2016, no less) with over 200 comments, contains scores of hopefuls begging the chain to come to their state.  

A commenter bewailed, “Why is Colorado not on the Aldi radar?”; another simply said, “ALDI USA, we’re all waiting.”  

A particularly enterprising commenter got really specific: “I found a great location: square footage, easy trucking access with loading dock, and good parking. Just pick up the lease when Spirit Halloween leaves. [Address redacted.]” 

Still yet another commenter left a clue for one reason as to why Aldi is so much desired in CO: “Moved to CO from IL and all I miss from that awful state is ALDI…King Soopers and Safeway suck. Cant budget at all at these crazy expensive places.” 

Despite these pleas, as of 2021, Aldi still has not moved into the state, and the desire has only grown. 

In 2018, for example, the Coloradan ran a story called Fort Collins’ 5 most wanted retail stores and restaurants, and Aldi came in at No. 4.  

How Can Shoppers Get Aldi To Come To Colorado?

Aldi is notorious for listening to its shoppers. When they clamored for the temporary everything bagel seasoning to stick around, they brought it back – and created two more flavors, to boot. 

Even more recently, they announced that their $3.99 candles would be in stores year-round, at the behest of customers’ requests.  

So when it comes to bringing an Aldi store to Colorado, quantity will win the day. Start contacting them regularly – and get all your friends to do so, too – about your desire to see an Aldi store go up in CO. 

You can reach them via email or snail mail here. 

To see other potential locations that Aldi might be expanding to, you can see our other posts on if Aldi is coming to Canada, if Aldi is coming to New Mexico or Albuquerque, and if Aldi is coming to Las Vegas.


While Aldi is not coming to Colorado any time soon, many feel the time has long since passed that they should.

With big, thriving cities and a lot of would-be shoppers asking constantly on their social media pages, Aldi would do well to include CO in their next expansion plan. 

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