Is Aldi Coming To San Francisco Or Northern California In 2022?

The beautiful city of San Francisco is well known for its picturesque bay area, stunning bridge views and very expensive cost-of-living.

In fact, current numbers suggest that the average rent in San Francisco is actually more expensive than real estate-nightmare New York City!

Obviously, not everyone in the SF and northern California are millionaires, so how do they keep normal utilities like grocery bills down?

Unfortunately, they don’t yet have the help of German discount grocery Aldi. Is Aldi coming to San Francisco or northern California? Read on.

Is Aldi Coming To San Francisco Or Northern California In 2022?

Unfortunately, there are no Aldi stores plans on coming to San Francisco or Northern California, according to their announced plans as of 2022. While a new store did open in California, that was in Torrence, near Los Angeles. Aldi is staying on track with their plans to expand along the Gulf Coast, focusing on states like Florida and Alabama.

To learn more about why Aldi isn’t coming to the San Fran area, where stores could go if/when they decide to and where budget-minded shoppers can go instead, see below!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To San Francisco Or Northern California?

Rather than build in San Francisco or northern California, Aldi has turned their attentions to different parts of the U.S.

While we can’t know the thought process behind how the company maps its plans, we can trust that Aldi has a team of marketing experts analyzing everything from population density, competitiveness of the discount grocery market, and potential building sites.

Aldi announced their expansion plans for the U.S. as far back as 2017, when the chain still had less than 2,000 stores in the States, but clearly the company had heard the call for more.

They would focus on two things: building up new stores in California, Arizona, and especially Florida and the Gulf Coast region, bolstered by the new distribution center which broke ground in winter 2021 in Loxley, Alabama; and renovate existing stores in the Northeast region.

Before that, Aldi had opened its first cluster of stores in California in Moreno Valley (outside of San Bernardino) in 2016; the expansion plans kept the new stores clustered in Southern California, rather than moving into the northern part of the huge state.

As of this writing, Aldi hasn’t shared their plans beyond 2022, so who knows – they could be coming to any number of new cities or states in the near-future!

Where Could Aldi Stores Be Potentially Located If Aldi Came To San Francisco or Northern California?

Where Could Aldi Stores Be Potentially Located If Aldi Came To San Francisco or Northern California?

Obviously, San Francisco would be a highly desired area for Aldi to plant its first NorCal stores – lots of people, but I’d imagine sufficient real estate would be tricky to find.

Sacramento would be another good city to see Aldi stores, as well as Modesto, San Jose and Redding.

Bear in mind, too, that California is close to a few large, non-Aldi states, like Nevada and Oregon, who would benefit from having locations in NorCal; Nevada’s capital city, Reno, is only a two-hour drive to Sacramento.

Aldi in NorCal, then, would not only benefit Californians; it could be such a boon for neighboring states who don’t have any Aldi goodness at all.

Where Is The Closest Aldi To San Francisco And Northern California?

While shoppers in a city like Seattle would have to drive almost 500 miles to access an Aldi, San Franciscans don’t have to traverse quite as far: a mere 160 miles to the Fresno, CA location.

While not ideal, it’s not out of the range of a day trip.

Where Can Shoppers Go Instead Of Aldi In San Francisco or Northern California?

Shoppers in the Bay Area looking for a little retail relief can try grocery stores like Raley’s, Safeway, and Lucky Supermarkets.

NorCal is also host to Costco and WinCo Foods, which offer more of a warehouse experience, but have great selection and can be perfect for keeping bigger families fed on a budget.

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While San Franciscans and NorCal residents won’t be seeing Aldi stores in their area any time soon, the discount supermarkets are within a two-to-three hour car ride’s distance.

I can’t imagine a world where Aldi doesn’t eventually expand into the Northern California region; we’ll all be eagerly awaiting Aldi’s next announced moves beyond 2022!

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