Is It Hard To Get a Job At Amazon In 2022? (Full Guide)

Amazon is one of the largest employers in the U.S., with almost one million American workers and thousands more around the globe.

Considering the e-commerce company’s huge presence, you may be wondering how hard is it to get a job at Amazon? I couldn’t help but wonder the same thing, so I looked into it and here’s what I can tell you!

Is It Hard To Get A Job At Amazon In 2022?

Overall, getting a job at Amazon is relatively easy due to the thousands of job openings at any given time. Especially if you want to work in a fulfillment center, you can apply online and go through a quick hiring process, so long as you meet the background check and are at least 18 years old.

If you want more details on getting a job at Amazon, including how to apply and what the hiring process is like, keep reading for everything you need to know!

How Many Jobs Does Amazon Have?

As the fastest-growing employer in the U.S., Amazon has tens of thousands of available jobs all the time.

In major metropolitan cities, you can expect an especially wide range of employment opportunities thanks to in-demand programs like Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Now.

Currently, Amazon job openings are organized into 34 different categories, and you can explore all the job opportunities and the associated requirements online.

These detailed job listings should give you a good idea of how hard or easy it will be to get the job, as certain departments have more stringent requirements than others.

Also on the Amazon Jobs website is a tally of how many open jobs are available at any given time. Some categories have 100 jobs open, while others have up to 20,000 positions ready to be fulfilled.

Here is the full list of Amazon Jobs categories to look into for more details on what’s required and how well you fit the hiring criteria:

  • Administrative Support
  • Amazon Design
  • Audio/Video/Photography Production
  • Business & Merchant Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Buying, Planning, & Instock Management
  • Customer Service
  • Data Science
  • Database Administration
  • Economics
  • Editorial Writing & Content Management
  • Facilities, Maintenance, & Real Estate
  • Finance and Global Business Services
  • Fulfillment & Operations Management
  • Hardware Development
  • Human Resources
  • Investigation & Loss Prevention
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Legal
  • Machine Learning Science
  • Marketing
  • Medical, Health, & Safety
  • Operations, IT, and Support Engineering
  • Project/Program/Product Management – Non-Tech
  • Project/Program/Product Management – Technical
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Research Science
  • Sales, Advertising, & Account Management
  • Software Development
  • Solutions Architect
  • Supply Chain/Transportation Management
  • Systems, Quality, & Security Engineering
  • Warehouse and Shopper

Remember that hourly jobs like warehouse workers, store associates, and delivery drivers are generally easier to get with fewer qualifications required compared to senior corporate jobs that need years of professional experience.

What Are Amazon’s Hiring Requirements?

What Are Amazon's Hiring Requirements?

Getting an entry-level hourly worker job at Amazon involves three key requirements, the first being proof of age over 18. This could be a driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate.

Amazon also requires a high school diploma or GED, as well as background checks. The criminal background check will look back seven years while a drug test is also part of the pre-employment screening.

While these are Amazon’s basic hiring requirements, many customer service and corporate positions require additional experience.

In most cases, it’s easier to get an entry-level hourly job compared to a senior salaried position, which is true for the vast majority of companies.

For example, Amazon manager positions ask for a bachelor’s degree and different levels of professional experience. You may need 2-10 years of experience depending on the job, if not more.

Some of the hardest Amazon jobs to get require people who are bilingual with proficient communication skills, or qualifications like technical training and expertise.

To get a better understanding of what each job entails and whether you meet the hiring requirements, check out the full listing on Amazon and decide whether to apply from there.

How Can I Apply To Work At Amazon?

There’s only one way to really find out how hard it is to get a job at Amazon, and that’s to apply for a position you’re interested in.

You can visit to view all the openings and the key criteria and requirements for your ideal position.

Make sure you pay attention to the basic and preferred qualifications section, as well as the skill requirements. It’s easier to get a job at Amazon if you can prove you meet the requirements and feel confident in the criteria.

Every job listing on Amazon has a bright yellow “apply now” button on the right-hand side, and from there you can log into your existing Amazon account or create one.

The application process is all online and usually takes 20-40 minutes to complete, depending on the job. For hourly roles at Amazon, you don’t even need to submit a resume.

Keep an eye on your email for updates from the HR department regarding a phone or in-person interview.

Also, keep in mind that the hiring process can take a week or two for urgently required roles, or even longer for certain positions.

You can always ask the hiring manager for an estimated timeline in your interview, but it’s good to be patient and rest assured Amazon will get back to you eventually.

To know more about getting a job at Amazon, you can also read our posts on what age does Amazon hire at, Amazon’s training program, and the Amazon vacation policy.


If you’re interested in working at Amazon, the good news is the e-commerce retailer is always hiring and has plenty of jobs open from entry-level all the way up the corporate ladder.

For hourly jobs in Amazon warehouses, you have a good chance of getting hired if you can pass the background check and show a high school diploma or GED.

As with other companies, the higher-level roles have additional prerequisites, such as previous retail experience, degrees, or certificates. To view all the job openings and requirements, head to and check out the full listing to see if you match the criteria.

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