Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)

Whether you are currently employed by Lowes, or are looking to start a career with the company, it is important to know about their attendance policy.

You may be considering what Lowes’ attendance policy would mean for you as an employee. Well after doing the research for you, here is what I have learned about Lowe’s attendance policy.

Lowe’s Attendance Policy In 2022

Lowes attendance policy is set out in a 4 step procedure that constitutes an initial warning, written warning, final warning, and if there is no improvement on the issue then the fourth step will result in your termination. If you do not call in, or are no show for 3 days in a row then Lowe’s assumes that you have quit.

For more information about Lowes Attendance Policy, including information about clocking in and out, then keep on reading!

How Many Times Can You Call In Sick?

Without a doctor’s note, Lowes allows its employees to call in sick up to 6 times in a 365 day rolling period.

If you do not call in at all, then after three days Lowes will assume that you have quit and will terminate your employment.

Additionally, if you are to call in sick on consecutive days then this will not count as more than one of these 6 days, instead, these are counted per occurrence.

For example, if you were unable to attend work for a week, this would count as one call-in out of the 6 and you would not be fired for missing 7 days of work.

It is important to note that a doctor’s note will not excuse or remove an absence from your record.

However, if your reasoning is legitimate then you can apply for FMLA’s intermittent leave and in this case, those days missed will be excused.

How Many Times Can You Be Late At Lowe’s?

Lowes regards being late as clocking in 6 minutes after you are due to begin your shift.

If you are late three times in a 30 day period then Lowes will issue you with a first warning. And if this tardiness continues then your employment is likely to be terminated.

How Does Lowe’s Manage Clocking out?

How Do Lowes Manage Clocking out?

Lowes employs a ‘6 minute rule’ in regards to clocking in and out for your shift.

For example, if your shift was due to start at 9 o’clock then you could clock in anytime from 8:54 – 9:06 and still be considered on time.

However, any time outside of this 6-minute buffer would constitute a tardy.

Will I Still Be Paid For Time off Sick At Lowe’s?

Full-time employees will receive pay for being off sick. However, without a doctor’s note or an FMLAs intermittent leave form, any “at-will” workers may not be paid for any time off sick.

How Long Will Poor Attendance Stay On My Record At Lowe’s?

Disciplinary action in regards to your attendance will stay on record for a year from the first issue on record, then your slate is wiped clean.

However, it is important to know that the four-step policy can be skipped depending on the severity of the misconduct so you could be fired despite not going through all of the steps.

Can I Be Fired For Poor Attendance At Lowe’s?

If you have already received a warning in relation to your attendance with Lowes then you can be fired for a poor attendance record.

If you are an “at-will” employee then Lowes reserves the right to terminate your employment without provocation.

In such circumstances, warnings may not even be necessary before they choose to terminate your contract.

How Will I Be Punished For Breaking Attendance Rules?

According to the Lowes Employee Policy, disciplinary action may include, “reprimand, probation, suspension, forfeiture of a bonus, demotion or dismissal” they also state that “Disciplinary measures are applied consistently and equally to all employees, including supervisors and senior executives”.

 This means that breaking rules whilst employed by Lowes, regardless of your role, could result in the termination of your contract.

Can I Get Rehired At Lowe’s?

Lowes’s official stance is that previous employees are always welcome to reapply and potentially be rehired.

However, if your employment is terminated for something such as a poor attendance record, then it is likely that this will be flagged up and inhibit your chances of being rehired.

If you are still unsure whether you would be eligible for rehire then the best bet is to contact the manager at the store you seek employment and they will give you a clear idea of if rehire would be possible for you.

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Lowes attendance policy is usually predicated upon their four-step system in which the last step is your termination. However this process can be accelerated depending on the severity of your misconduct, the four-step policy is just a basic understanding of the system.

You can call in sick up to three times in a 90 day period before you will begin receiving warnings and risk termination of your contract.

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