Lowe’s Dress Code 2022 (Hats, Leggings, Hair, Tattoos + More)

Lowe’s is a retailer that sells a range of hardware products and services useful for homes and businesses alike. With over 300,000 associates, Lowe’s is a great company to work for.

If you’re wondering about the Lowe’s dress code, including what you can and cannot wear and what the best clothing to wear for a job interview at Lowe’s, I have all the answers. Here is what I’ve learned about Lowe’s dress code!

Lowe’s Dress Code In 2022

Lowe’s encourages employees to dress casually as long as they have a tidy look as of 2022. Additionally, Lowe’s employees are given a red vest to wear while at work that indicates their name and other pertinent information. Also, Lowe’s allows employees to have piercings, unnatural hair colors, and tattoos, as long as they’re not offensive.

For more information about Lowe’s dress code, including if you’re allowed to wear hats, leggings, and hoodies and what you’re not allowed to wear while working, keep reading!

What Is Lowe’s Dress Code?

Lowe’s dress code states that it prefers employees to be neat and presentable while at work, and allows for more comfortable clothing options.

For example, Lowe’s allows employees to wear their choice of clothes, as long as the article doesn’t have any slogans, motifs, or offensive content.

However, Lowe’s dress code may differ depending on the store location, manager preferences, and what department you work in.

For example, if you’re a store associate, you can wear jeans and other casual articles while working.

On the other hand, managers and senior members at Lowe’s must wear more formal attire.

Additionally, if you’re working with machinery or tools at Lowe’s, you may be required to wear safety equipment such as steel-toed shoes and a hard hat to keep yourself safe while working.

What Is The Lowe’s Uniform?

Compared to other stores, Lowe’s employee uniform is rather casual. For example, all Lowe’s employees must wear a red vest, provided by the store, over their clothes.

With that, the red vest features the Lowe’s logo, the employee’s name, and other badges of recognition.

The back of the red vest has a larger version of the Lowe’s logo and the section the employee may work in, such as ProServices or Customer Service.

Additionally, employees who work with tools or machinery may also be given additional safety equipment to wear to protect themselves while on the job.

For those who work in the food section at Lowe’s, employees wear a Lowe’s branded t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, with jeans and a belt.

Also, employees who work with food in Lowe’s will likely require food safety equipment such as gloves.

Can I Wear A Hat At Lowe’s?

Yes, Lowe’s permits staff members to wear a hat as long as it is a baseball cap branded with the Lowe’s logo.

However, cashiers at Lowe’s are not permitted to wear hats at all, regardless of whether or not it has a Lowe’s logo.

Can I Wear Leggings At Lowe’s?

Can I Wear Leggings At Lowe's?

Yes, it has been reported online that Lowe’s allows employees to wear leggings as long as their shirt reaches the top of their thighs.

However, Lowe’s does not allow joggers or sweatpants at work as these articles are too casual for its retail environment.

Although Lowe’s wants its employees to be comfortable at work, it does not permit employees to wear leggings or jeans with rips or holes in them.

Can I Wear Hoodies At Lowe’s?

Yes, Lowe’s employees can wear hoodies at work, especially during the winter and cold weather.

With that, Lowe’s requests its employees wear plain, non-branded hoodies while at work.

If you’re going to wear a hoodie to work, it’s important to note Lowe’s doesn’t allow employees to wear hoodies or sweatshirts that feature political logos or other obscene content.

Can I Have Piercings At Lowe’s?

Yes, Lowe’s allows staff members to have piercings, including in their face, as long as your facial piercing does not interfere with your work or is obscene or offensive.

If you work in an area of Lowe’s where your piercing may cause harm or injury, such as in the warehouse or fresh food department, it may be requested that you cover or remove your piercing while at work.

Can I Have Tattoos At Lowe’s?

Yes, Lowe’s permits employees to have tattoos on display while at work.

However, if your tattoo is vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive, your manager will likely request that it be covered during your shift.  

Can I Wear Shorts At Lowe’s?

Depending on where you work at Lowe’s, you may be permitted to wear shorts while on duty.

However, if you work with tools or machinery at Lowe’s, you may not be permitted to wear shorts as they pose a health and safety hazard.

Can I Have Colored Hair At Lowe’s?

Yes, Lowe’s allows employees to have dyed hair, including natural and unnatural colors.

With that, Lowe’s has stated it does not object to colored hair as long as it is not too distracting.

What Should I Wear To A Job Interview At Lowe’s?

If you are interviewing at Lowe’s, you should wear a business casual outfit to make a good first impression.

For example, business casual attire includes:

  • Button-down shirt
  • Knee-length skirt or dress
  • Khakis or slacks
  • Smart, sensible shoes

If you do not have business casual clothes, aim to dress as neatly and cleanly as possible.

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Lowe’s encourages its employees to wear sensible and casual clothes for work, as it wants workers to be comfortable while on the job.

Also, Lowe’s dress code permits non-offensive and non-political tattoos to be on display, facial piercings, and unnatural hair colors.

Additionally, Lowe’s gives its employees a vest to wear that indicates their affiliation to the retailer, name, and department.

Depending on your position at Lowe’s, you may have additional safety equipment to wear as a uniform alongside the red vest.

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