McDonald’s Vs. In-N-Out (Price, Quality + Who’s Better)

McDonald’s and In-N-Out are both fast-food burger restaurants, but do you know which is better when it comes to McDonald’s Vs. In-N-Out?

I will compare McDonald’s and In-N-Out and tell you which has better prices, service, more locations, and much more, so keep reading below!

McDonald’s Vs. In-N-Out In 2022

When comparing McDonald’s Vs. In-N-Out, McDonald’s has a more extensive selection of menu items and more locations as of 2022. Both In-N-Out and McDonald’s offer reasonably low-priced burgers and additional menu items, although portions are significantly larger at In-N-Out. Also, McDonald’s fries are unbeatable, and the fries at In-N-Out aren’t even in the same league!

Do you want to know more about the battle between McDonald’s and In-N-Out? Such as which is healthier and which has a better burger? Keep reading to get into all of those essential facts!

Is McDonald’s Better Than In-N-Out?

McDonald’s is not better than In-N-Out when it comes to burgers, and you’ll find that the quality of burgers at In-N-Out beats McDonald’s in every category.

Furthermore, In-N-Out specializes in burgers, so you’re going to get a higher-quality beef patty and have more options for toppings than McDonald’s.

Also, In-N-Out has better milkshakes than McDonald’s, with a more authentic burger fast-food restaurant.

Is In-N-Out Fresher Than McDonald’s?

Yes, In-N-Out is much fresher than McDonald’s, especially when it comes to the hamburger patties!

Further, In-N-Out uses only the highest-quality 100% USDA chuck, deboned and ground up by associates and then formed into patties.

That said, you’ll find that the burger tastes fresher since it’s not frozen or pre-made.

Additionally, the patties have no fillers, additives, or preservatives, which allow the beef flavor to come through!

Does In-N-Out Make More Money Than McDonald’s?

Does In-N-Out Make More Money Than McDonald's?

No, In-N-Out does not make more money than McDonald’s, and In-N-Out is only number 33 in the Top 50 list of fast-food chains in America.

Furthermore, the list shows that In-N-Out made $1 billion in system-wide sales for 2019 and only gained 14 more locations year-over-year.

In comparison, McDonald’s made $40.4 billion in system-wide sales for 2019 and has consistently been the top fast-food restaurant in sales for several years.

Does McDonald’s Or In-N-Out Have More Locations?

McDonald’s has a significantly higher number of locations when you’re comparing it to In-N-Out.

For example, McDonald’s has more than 39,000 locations worldwide, including over 14,000 locations in the United States.

On the other hand, In-N-Out currently has 371 locations and can only be found in seven states, so it’s a much smaller restaurant than McDonald’s. 

Further, you can only find In-N-Out in California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon, and it has no presence outside of the United States at all.

Does McDonald’s Have Better Prices Than In-N-Out?

McDonald’s and In-N-Out have comparable prices, and In-N-Out is one of the least expensive burger restaurants in the country.

Additionally, when you look at the In-N-Out menu prices, you can see that on some items, In-N-Out is cheaper than McDonald’s, but some items may be a little more expensive.

However, McDonald’s does have the Value Menu, which offers $1, $2, and $3 menu items, so you do have cheaper options at McDonald’s than In-N-Out, but it’s very similar outside of that.

McDonald’s has a much more extensive menu than In-N-Out. However, In-N-Out is known for having a limited menu which allows the restaurant to keep prices lower than other similar fast-food restaurants.

Even if you order from the Secret Menu at In-N-Out, you’ll see that there are more limited choices, and it’s just burgers, fries, milkshakes, and various styles of burgers.

Further, McDonald’s offers a wider variety of items, including chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, more dessert options, McCafe items, and more side items.

Are McDonald’s Fries Better Than In-N-Out?

McDonald’s fries are significantly better than In-N-Out fries. In fact, many people dislike In-N-Out-Fries and claim their texture is like a cold fry even when they’re steaming hot!

In one survey, In-N-Out fries were ranked last in taste and second to last in texture, which is pretty bad considering how good the In-N-Out burgers are.

On the other hand, McDonald’s has been consistently rated the best or second-best fries out of all fast-food restaurants, in both texture and taste.

Also, McDonald’s uses natural beef flavoring in the iconic fries, giving them a better flavor and more addictive!

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When it comes to McDonald’s Vs. In-N-Out, there’s no competition when it comes to fries as McDonald’s fries are far superior.

Additionally, McDonald’s offers a more extensive menu and more variety than In-N-Out.

However, prices at both fast-food restaurants are similar, with McDonald’s getting a slight edge on affordability.

However, In-N-Out has a much better burger in all aspects, including the burger’s size, freshness, quality, toppings, and the bun used for the burger.

So, even though McDonald’s beats In-N-Out in revenue and locations, In-N-Out is a much better burger with larger portions that are healthier than McDonald’s on average.

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