Publix Tipping Policy 2022 (Can You Tip, Baggers + Curbside)

When employees go above and beyond their job description, it’s nice to have the opportunity to tip them with a monetary gift. But, if you’re shopping at Publix and want to tip an employee, does the company let you?

I’ve been curious about the same thing. So, I looked deeper into the matter to answer all your questions about the tipping policy at Publix stores across the nation!

Publix Tipping Policy In 2022

The Publix tipping policy is that employees, including baggers, are not allowed to accept or ask for tips as of 2022. However, if someone tries more than three times to tip a worker or is upset at the refusal, the employee can accept the tip. Also, you can tip curbside pickup workers because they’re not Publix employees.

Do you have more questions about the Publix tipping policy? For example, can you take tips as a Publix worker? Keep reading to learn what I’ve found out!

Can You Tip Publix Baggers?

The Publix company policy states that baggers are not supposed to take or ask for a tip. Instead, baggers must politely decline the tips.

However, if someone insists on tipping the bagger and gets upset, an exception is made, and the bagger can accept the tip.

Can You Tip For Publix Carry Out?

Carry out services are offered at Publix free of charge. But, since the employee carrying out the groceries is a Publix employee, you cannot offer a tip for this service.

Furthermore, an employee carrying out your groceries should not ask for a tip, nor should they accept the money.

Are Any Publix Employees Allowed To Take Tips?

The current Publix policy doesn’t allow any Publix employees to take tips. Instead, Publix workers must decline tips when offered, even if it’s only a couple of dollars.

However, there are exceptions to accepting tips, such as if someone isn’t taking no for an answer and declining is causing more of an issue.

Further, if someone repeatedly offers you a tip more than three times, you’re allowed to accept it after multiple denials.

With that, no tips are allowed at Publix because it creates an unfair situation for Publix employees working in different departments.

How Much Do You Tip For Publix Curbside Pickup?

How Much Do You Tip For Publix Curbside Pickup?

Tipping for Publix curbside pickup should be within 15% to 20% of your total Publix order, just as with any other service where you would tip the worker.

On top of that, curbside pickup workers are not Publix employees and instead are Instacart shoppers, so they’re allowed to accept tips without issue.

Further, it’s strongly encouraged to tip the curbside pickup workers and is a very nice gesture, but it’s not a requirement to pick up your order.

Can You Tip For Publix Delivery?

Publix delivery service is through Instacart, so you’re well within your rights to tip the person shopping and delivering your order.

Furthermore, the Instacart shopper receives 100% of all tips earned through shopping. But, Instacart doesn’t require you to tip your grocery shopper. 

Still, it’s a nice gesture to at least tip $2 since the person is shopping for you and then delivering your order.

Additionally, you have the option to change the tip even after delivery, which allows you to add more money to the tip if you are satisfied with the service.

To leave your Instacart shopper a tip, click on “Your Orders” and then “Rate & Tip” after the delivery.

After doing this, you have the option to keep the tip the same or edit the tip in a positive or negative direction.

How Can You Indirectly Tip Publix Workers?

You can indirectly tip a Publix worker by going to the customer service desk and telling the manager a specific worker did an excellent job.

Furthermore, you can tell the manager what that employee did well specifically, and then that employee will be rewarded with something special for being a good worker.

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Publix policy does not allow workers to accept tips because it creates unfair competition among employees in various departments and job roles.

However, if the worker has politely refused the tip, but the person insists more than three times, the Publix employee can accept the tip without repercussions.

Also, you’re encouraged to tip curbside pickup workers because they’re Instacart employees and not Publix employees.

Additionally, if you order Publix delivery, you can tip those shoppers because they work for Instacart and not Publix.

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