Safeway Senior Discount + Discount Day In 2022 (Guide)

Many grocery and retail stores offer a discount for senior citizens. Seniors who no longer work for a living are then better able to take advantage of these sales and purchase necessities.

If you’re a Safeway shopper, perhaps you’re wondering if they offer a discount for senior citizens? If so, continue reading through this article to see what I learned!

Safeway Senior Discount In 2022

Safeway offers Senior Discount Day at some store locations on the first Wednesday of every month in the United States and the first Tuesday of the month in Canada. Typically, seniors can save 10% on products during these discount days. Unfortunately, there is no year-round senior discount at Safeway and it is not available online.

If you’d like to learn more about how the senior Safeway discount works, what other discounts are available at Safeway, and more, continue reading for more information!

How Does Safeway Advertise Senior Discount Day?

When Safeway stores decide to host a Senior Discount Day, they’ll generally advertise the sale in their fliers and on in-store signage. Customers can also phone the store for details.

Unfortunately, Safeway currently doesn’t offer Senior Discount Day sales through Safeway online shopping, and the age requirement for a sale will generally vary per location (however, the minimum age is typically 55).

The stores that do offer this sale will usually offer the sale once a month.

However, the dates and regularity of the senior sale will vary per store location.

Does Every Safeway Offer a Senior Discount?

The Senior Discount Day is not a store-wide discount that every location is required to offer.

Therefore, many Safeway stores choose not to host this discount at any time during the year.

If you’re unsure whether or not your local Safeway offers this discount, you can find out by phoning the store customer service desk.

If they offer it regularly, their store should have a basic schedule for it as most participating stores offer the discount the first week of every month.

If seniors would like to take advantage of the discount on a regular basis, it’s recommended that they inquire about any long-term schedules made for upcoming senior discount days.

What Weekday is Senior Discount Day at Safeway?

The Safeway locations that participate in Senior Discount Day may vary in which days they choose to offer.

However, the United States stores generally host the discount on Wednesday.

In Canada, the discount day is generally offered on Tuesdays.

Additionally, customers should bear in mind that Safeway does not say how much the discount is valued at, as this frequently changes.

What Other Discounts Can Seniors Use at Safeway?

What Other Discounts Can Seniors Use at Safeway?

While the senior discount is not offered every day, there are many other ways seniors can save money while shopping at Safeway.

If they’re unable to receive a discount, seniors in the United States can open a Just For U Rewards account.

This rewards program will allow shoppers to redeem points and coupons, as well as save money on gas, groceries, and other purchases. Seniors can even use the card at the pharmacy.

In addition to their rewards program, Safeway always has regular discounts and coupons in their weekly flyer that can be redeemed at any time during their eligibility.

Unfortunately, Canada currently does not offer a Just For U Rewards card. However, seniors can still take advantage of the flyer discounts printed weekly.

What Other Grocery Stores Offer Senior Discounts?

While Safeway doesn’t offer a regular discount for seniors, there are many other grocery stores in the United States and Canada that do. These stores are as follows:

Giant Food:

  • Similar to Safeway, select Giant Food stores offer a senior discount in Maryland.
  • Customers can sign up for this discount by applying in-store through the app, or on the Giant Foods website.
  • Once customers sign up, they’ll receive senior discount codes in the mail.
  • There is no definitive value for these coupons, as the percentage/ dollar-off varies per store item.


  • ShopRite offers a regular senior discount in most store locations throughout the United States.
  • Though discounts may vary per offer, their most regular discount is 5% off.
  • They don’t offer a discount every day, but most participating stores offer it on Wednesdays or Tuesdays.
  • If customers would like to learn the exact details of their local ShopRite senior discount, they can do so by calling the store and asking for more information.

M&M Meats:

  • M&M Meats offers a discount for Seniors every Tuesday.
  • The discount is valued at 10% off regular merchandise. Customers who have a valid ID and are 60 years or older qualify for the discount.

Giant Tiger:

  • Giant Tiger offers a 10% off discount to senior citizens on the first Monday of every month.
  • There is no noted age requirement. However, customers should bring their IDs to the store in order to confirm their age.
  • If customers would like to learn more about the Giant Tiger senior discount, they can do so by phoning their local store.

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Safeway doesn’t offer a regular discount to senior citizens. However, select stores offer a Senior Discount Day on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of each month.

There is no definitive amount, as the offers regularly change per discount day.

In addition to the occasional senior discount, seniors can save money at Safeway by creating a Just For U rewards account, and taking advantage of the weekly flyer coupons.

Stores such as Giant Food and ShopRite also offer senior discounts.

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