Subway Catering (How It Works, Types + How Big Are They)

Nearly every fast food restaurant offers some kind of catering service, and Subway is no exception. Fans of the six-inch and footlong subs can easily order several platters for any event, including parties and business functions.

So, how do you set up a Subway catering order? If you have a social function coming up and are thinking of providing Subway sandwiches, read below to find out more!

Subway Catering In 2022

Subway catering provides top-notch services to customers who desire its tasty subs for local functions as of 2022. Additionally, Subway can provide mixed party platters that include but are not limited to dessert trays, side items, and drinks. Customers can order online or go in-store to speak to management about the event they seek to host.

So, the good news is Subway not only offers catering, but it provides a good supply of items for an affordable price. If you’re on the hunt for affordable Subway sandwich catering options, read further!

How Can You Place A Catering Order At Subway?

Many customers looking to have Subway cater their event can apply online or in-person at a local Subway sandwich shop.

That said, the menu list of items you can access for your affair is extensive and can be customized.

Before contacting a Subway catering representative, make sure you know how many guests will attend and where the event will take place.

With the proper planning, it ensures you get the right products needed in attractive platter arrays.

How Far In Advance Should I Contact Subway Catering?

Some Subway restaurants can fill orders on the same day, depending on the size and location of the venue.

However, it’s best to give the store 24-hour notice to ensure your food arrives on time.

Additionally, suppose you have a sizable order. In that case, you may want to give the store ample time to create the platters, which is especially true if you require complicated specialty sandwiches.

How Much Food Should I Order For My Subway Catered Event?

The amount of food ordered will largely depend on the size and scale of your party.

While Subway asks that you try your best to measure your group’s needs, it offers ranges in this regard.

For example, you can feed a group of five to nine people with the SUBWAY TO GO meal platters. On the flip side, four giant SUBWAY TO GO platters can provide food for 20-25 people.

What Types Of Events Does Subway Cater?

Subway hosts a wide variety of events and parties, from casual to black tie. For example, these events include but are not limited to:

  • Luncheons
  • Sporting events
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Galas
  • Film/TV Production catering

When ordering, inform the Subway representative of the type of event you are hosting for best results.

What Kind Of Food Is Available From Subway Catering?

Subway pretty much offers the type of food you can find on any store menu, and you can customize your order to fit your event’s needs.

Also, you can mix and match hot and cold foods like cookies and sides.

For instance, you can create hot meatballs and steak and cheese platters alongside cold-cut style sandwiches. So, the combos are limited only to the imagination and, of course, budget.

Can Subway Handle A Large Venue?

Yes, but there may be cut-offs depending on the availability of a product and how soon your event will take place. For huge parties, you can’t go wrong with giant subs

For example, these sandwiches can be as long as 27 feet! With that, Subway needs 24-hour notice to create this type of sub to your specifications.

Can Subway Cater A Small Venue Or Event?

Because Subway catered foods are delivered on large platters, ensuring your event merits the costs is best. That said, Subway will provide party platters to any event or venue, no matter how small.

Additionally, you can specify food types and platter sizes when you place online, in-store, or phone orders.

Also, be sure to inform the Subway representative of any budget constraints you may have so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Does Subway Cater Business Meetings In Offices?

Yes, Subway can cater to business meetings inside business complexes and offices.

When ordering for such an event, be sure to give the caterers any access codes or information needed to get inside the building.

Likewise, because every office has different needs and diverse tastes, including any special request or allergen concerns when ordering.

Further, Subway attempts to meet every co-worker’s needs.

Does Subway Offer Dessert Party Platters?

Yes, Subway can arrange a dessert tray with its world-famous cookies. Also, you can order only one specific cookie or an assortment of customer favorites.

At this time, Subway doesn’t offer lactose, gluten, nut, or egg-free options for its cookies.

So, be sure to inform your guests of this fact, especially those with known allergies to these ingredients.

What Kinds Of Sides Does Subway Catering Provide?

Subway provides the items you will find on its store menus for catering events as well, including:

  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Salads
  • Juice and milk
  • Bowls
  • Applesauce

Also, ask about any special bulk pricing for the above items when ordering to ensure you maximize your budget.

Does Subway Provide Drinks With Its Party Platters?

Does Subway Provide Drinks With Its Party Platters?

As with sides, Subway will provide drinks with its party platters, including the franchise’s primary fountain drinks, tea, and coffee.

Additionally, you may inquire about any of the bottled drinks that Subway sells, namely Coke, Dasani water, milk, Gatorade, honest kids, Vitamin Water, and Simply Orange Juice.

However, bottled drinks and drink boxes may be subject to availability, so plan accordingly if you cannot get a specific beverage.

Can You Get Wraps And Flatbreads With Subway Catering?

Not only can you get Subway wraps and artisan flatbread sandwiches, but you can also order breakfast items. For example, the primary options Subway offers in this regard include:

  • Steak and cheese
  • Baja steak and Jack
  • Cali fresh Turkey
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Meatball marinara
  • Oven-roasted Turkey
  • Rotisserie chicken sweet Onion Chicken teriyaki
  • Spicy Italian
  • Tuna
  • And veggie delight

Likewise, breakfast items can include bacon, egg and cheese, black forest Ham, egg and cheese, egg and Cheese, and steak egg and cheese on artisan flatbreads.

To make the most out of a morning event, order with a steaming cup of coffee.

Can Subway Create Vegan, Vegetarian, Or Gluten-Free Platters?

In a word, yes, as Subway offers a large variety of options for vegans and vegetarians.

For example, the franchise provides veggie sandwiches and gluten-free bread as part of its “Make It Your Way” promise.

Also, Subway offers a large variety of salads and toppings that consider people with specific lifestyle or allergy constraints.

Just be sure to let the Subway catering assistant know that you will need vegan, vegetarian, or allergy-related platters when ordering.

Does Subway Provide Kosher Or Halal Platters?

While Subway sandwich shops in Ireland and the UK offer Halal foods, no US Subways chains provide certified Halal or Kosher options.

That said, Subway does have pork-free food items, like its meatball marinara, cold-cut combos, and seafood sensation, to name a few.

When in doubt, ask an employee about the various pork-free options available at Subway.

To know more about Subway, you can also read our posts on Subway cookie flavors, Subway meatballs, and if Subway wraps are gluten-free.


Subway offers catering services for various venues, including football games, campouts, luncheons, business meetings, family reunions, and more.

Additionally, Subway platters cater to diverse appetites and lifestyles and can staff large and small events.

Also, when ordering, make sure you give enough prior notice and account for the size of your group function.

If in doubt about the process, contact a professional Subway catering assistant to guarantee your event is a blowout success.

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