Walmart Air Conditioner & Fan Return Policy 2022 [Explained]

Walmart has an air conditioner and fan return policy that allows customers to return these appliances within a certain time period. The policy states that the items must be in their original, unopened packaging with all accompanying materials (such as manuals and warranties) to be accepted for a full refund.

Walmart Air Conditioner & Fan Return Policy In 2022

If you bought an air conditioner or fan from Walmart within the last 90 days, you can return it without a receipt. If you bought it within the last 30 days, you need to have a receipt to return it. In either case, Walmart requires that the returned product come with its original manufacturer’s packaging. If you don’t have that packaging, Walmart will only give you a store credit.

When Can You Return An Air Conditioner & Fan To Walmart?

When Can You Return An Air Conditioner & Fan To Walmart?

According to its standard returns policy, Walmart accepts the return of most electronics, including fans, within 90 days of purchase. However, air conditioners are not included in this category.

Air conditioners need to be returned within 30 days of purchase to a nearby Walmart store, and are not accepted after that time period has passed.

How Can You Return An Air Conditioner To Walmart?

To return an air conditioner to Walmart, you must bring it to the Walmart store you bought it from during return hours (typically 7am – 10pm) with all of its accessories, the original manufacturer’s packaging, and the receipt.

Note that in the case of high-dollar appliances such as air conditioners, you must bring the original packaging and the receipt since the return is not accepted otherwise.

A store employee will scan the barcode on the packaging to verify that the purchase was made from the store before processing the return.

How Can You Return A Fan To Walmart?

Returning a fan to Walmart is similar to returning any other store item or appliance. You have to bring the appliance (with all accessories) and the original packaging to a nearby Walmart store and ask the employee at the cash register to process a return.

It is not a necessity for you to have the original receipt to have the fan returned, but you must have the original packaging.

If you have neither the original packaging or receipt, it may still be worthwhile to try and return the fan as the floor manager can return items in special circumstances.

How Can You Return An Air Conditioner & Fan Bought Online From Walmart?

If you bought a fan or air conditioner online through, you can return them either to any Walmart store or through mail.

To return the appliance through mail, you should visit the Walmart order tracker and enter the order details, select the option to ‘return by mail’, and print the prepaid return shipping label you are shown.

Make sure the appliance is inside the original packaging with all accessories and then ship it to Walmart using the shipping label.

Can You Return A Fan & Air Conditioner Without The Box At Walmart?

Can You Return A Fan & Air Conditioner Without The Box At Walmart?

No, you cannot return appliances such as fans and air conditioners to Walmart without the original box or packaging.

However, the decision is ultimately left to store managers so you can speak to the manager at your nearby store and see if they can accept the return without the box.

Can You Return A Fan Or Air Conditioner Without The Receipt At Walmart?

You cannot return an air conditioner without the receipt at Walmart. However, you can return a fan to Walmart without the receipt, as long as you have the original packaging.

In this case, you will not be refunded through the original mode of payment you used. Instead, you will be given store credit that you can use to buy another item from the store.

Does Walmart Offer Pick Up Services For Returns Of Fans & Air Conditioners?

Yes, Walmart offers free scheduled pick-up services for appliances if you want to return these, especially if the appliance is difficult to bring along yourself.

To use this service, contact your nearby Walmart store using the Walmart store locator and request for a pick-up of your appliance from your address. Most stores offer this service for free.

To learn more, also see my other guides on how to return batteries, vacuums, and bikes to Walmart, as well as the Walmart return warning.


Walmart accepts returns of both fans and air conditioners. Fans can be returned within 90 days of purchase regardless (in some cases, Walmart will bend this rule and accept returns after 90 days) of if you have the original receipt or not.

However, air conditioners can only be returned within 30 days of purchase with the original receipt. Note that you must bring along the original packaging for both air conditioners and fans.

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