Walmart Bike Return Policy 2022 (Used, No Box + More)

Among the endless products Walmart sells are an array of bikes. Regardless of whether you need a bike for an adult or child, Walmart’s got you covered.

But what happens if you accidentally buy the wrong kind of bike? Does Walmart accept returns? I’ve looked into the matter, and here’s everything I discovered! 

Walmart Bike Return Policy In 2022

Walmart allows returns of unopened or unused bikes within 90 days of purchase from Walmart or Walmart Online with receipt as of 2022. If you don’t have a receipt, the bike was a gift, has been used, the box is open, or for Marketplace items, exchanges for a replacement of the same or similar item are allowed within 90 days.

Before you roll out to Walmart for a return on your bike, keep reading to see what else I discovered about the Walmart bike return policy!

Can You Return A Bike At Walmart?

As a company, Walmart’s goal is to provide the best customer experience possible.

In pursuit of this goal, it has a bike return policy for customers who have mistakenly bought a bike that was either defective or not the correct size.

When a customer returns a bike to Walmart, it will take it back and exchange it for another bike.

Also, customers who have a receipt can receive a refund instead of exchanging it for another product.

How Long Do I Have To Return A Bike At Walmart?

If the customer chooses to exchange the bike or seek a refund, they must do so within 90 days from the purchase date.

However, for marketplace purchases through Walmart, this window is 30 days from purchase.

Additionally, Walmart has such a relaxed return policy because it wants to keep customers happy and encourage them to return to the store.

How Do You Return A Bike To Walmart In-Store?

When making a bike return at Walmart (including brands such as Huffy, Mongoose, RoyalBaby, Kent, etc.), it’s the customer’s responsibility to bring their bike back in its original condition, or they may receive a lower refund.

Therefore, to return a bike in-store at Walmart, head over to the Customer Service desk, and an employee will be happy to assist you.

However, make sure you bring the bike as well as the receipt along when making an in-store return. 

Walmart’s return process for your bike is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Bring your receipt or another proof of purchase and item back to any Walmart customer service desk.
  • Present a government-issued photo ID.
  • Hand over the debit/ credit card that was used to purchase the bike

Upon receiving these items, the Customer Service Associate will review the bike for damage, ensure all accessories are there (helmets, chains, pedals, lights, etc.), verify proof of purchase, and ensure the cycle is in its original packaging.

Can I Return A Bike To Walmart Without A Receipt?

If you are returning a bike without a receipt, your best bet is to go to the store you bought the bike from and ask for assistance.

That said, associates may be able to pull up your purchase with your government ID and the credit/debit card used.

For those who are still unable to access your purchase history or find a receipt, you can still exchange the product for a replacement or receive a Walmart gift card.

Can I Return A Bike Given To Me As A Gift?

Can I Return A Bike Given To Me As A Gift?

Most children would be overjoyed to get a bike on their birthday or Christmas. However, what happens if you want to return a bike given to you as a gift?

In some circumstances, the gifter provides the recipient’s email when making a gift purchase.

Then, the recipient will receive an email that has an order number they can use for refunds and returns.

In other cases, recipients may receive a gift receipt. When you have a gift receipt, items must be exchanged or refunded on a Walmart gift card.

Alternatively, if you do not have a gift receipt or confirmation email, you may ask the sender to initiate a store return on your behalf.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call the customer service line at 1-800-WALMART or 1-800-925-6278.

Is There A Restocking Fee For Bike Returns At Walmart?

Walmart has a fantastic return policy, where all returns are completely free due to Walmarts 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Therefore, there is no restocking fee charged when returning a bike.

Can I Return A Bike To Walmart If It’s Unopened or Unused?

Yes, unopened bikes in boxes or bikes that haven’t been used can be returned within 90 days and receive a full refund., no questions asked!

Can You Return A Used Or Open Box Bike To Walmart?

To get a full refund, you must return the bike in new condition so Walmart can resell it.

With that, bikes that show signs of use or are returned in open boxes are sold as discount items at Walmart.

As a result, Walmart policy states that any opened or used items may only be exchanged for the same or a similarly priced bike within 90 days of purchase.

How Does Walmart Refund You After Making A Bike Return?

Walmart offers its customers a few options for returns. For example, customers can either be given a cash refund store credit issued in a Walmart gift card.

That said, the method you receive your refund depends on how you bought the bike. 

Debit Or Credit Card Refunds

If you bought your bike with a debit or credit card, your refund is issued back to that same card. Therefore, it’s essential to have the purchasing card handy when asking for a return.

Also, credit and debit cards have specific guidelines for receiving refunds.

  • It may take up to ten business days for funds to be credited to your account.
  • You must bring the original card used at the purchase to refund back to credit or debit. If unavailable, you will be given a refund on a Walmart gift card.
  • If a debit card was used, you might receive your refund in cash.

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Walmart’s return policy is one of the most customer-friendly policies in the industry.

For example, Walmart’s “no questions asked” return policy allows customers to return any unopened products, including bikes, for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

Even if you open the box or lose the receipt to your bike, you can still exchange the product, so don’t worry if you need to take a bike back to Walmart.

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