Walmart Return Warning 2022 [What Does It Mean + More!]

Walmart offers a variety of flexible return policies for their millions of customers. These policies make shopping more convenient for the customer. However, if you have received a Walmart return warning, it means that there may be some issues with your return. I have found out more about this here!

Walmart Return Warning: What Does It Mean?

If you have been abusing the returns policy at any number of Walmart stores, then you may be receiving a warning from the company. This warning is issued if a customer has been making massive amounts of returns, which can lead to delays in returning items.

What Causes The Walmart Return Warning To Be Issued?

What Causes The Walmart Return Warning To Be Issued? 

The warning may be issued to customers for any number of reasons, but they are all related in some way to abuse of Walmart’s returns policy.

You may be issued a warning for making increasingly frequent numbers of returns, which could potentially be flagged as suspicious.

Walmart could rightfully assume that you are stealing items from the store, only to try and refund them at a later date.

This has happened a number of times for the company, so they are wary of repeat cases. 

What Should I Do If I Receive A Walmart Return Warning? 

If you receive a Walmart return warning, you will not be able to make further returns at any store without a receipt.

You will still be able to make returns with a receipt, but the staff at the checkout will be extra thorough with verifying your purchase.

Your return warning slip will have a number for Walmart’s return customer service hotline, which you should make sure to call for further assistance.

How Many Returns Can You Make At Walmart Without A Receipt? 

You are allowed the opportunity to make three returns at Walmart without a receipt within a 45 day period. To learn more, you can see my full guide on returning items to Walmart without a receipt.

How Do You Make A Receiptless Return At Walmart? 

If you wish to make a receiptless return at Walmart, you must ensure that you haven’t exceeded the 3 returns within the 45 days limit.

When asked for a receipt, simply state that you do not have one, and the cashier will check your purchase history through the computer system. This may take extra time in the interest of Walmart’s safety.

Cash will be refunded to you for any item that is lower than $25 in value. Any item over $25 in value will net you a shopping card that can only be used within Walmart.

Can A Store Ban You For Making Too Many Returns?

Can A Store Ban You For Making Too Many Returns?

Stores most often will not resort to banning you for making too many returns, however, you do run the risk of being flagged on the Walmart system, via a membership card or credit card info, as a ‘serial returner’.

You may potentially be banned outright from a Walmart store if you make too many egregious returns or if you are found to be stealing items in order to attempt to refund them in the future.

Can Walmart Lose Money On Returns? 

Research has shown that retail returns can cost retailers worldwide up to $600 billion a year.

Therefore, stores like Walmart are often incredibly cautious about allowing too many returns for the same customer, as they worry about losing large amounts of money as a result.

Walmart definitely can lose money from their returns, and this is why they make a point of registering ‘serial returners’ as such, so that they do not get scammed out of excess money.

To learn more, you can see how Walmart tracks shoplifting and whether or not they prosecute if they catch someone stealing from the store.

Additionally, you can also see my post on whether or not you can return products to a different Walmart.


Walmart’s return warning refers to an extra piece of printed information that is handed to customers if they are at risk of being denied returns in the future.

These are issued in cases where a customer has been making massive amounts of returns, which can cost the Walmart company a large degree of money.

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