Walmart Returns Hours In 2022 [All You Need To Know]

If you have recently purchased a product from Walmart and would like to return it, you might be wondering what the store’s return hours are. This information can help avoid wasting your time returning the product.

Walmart Return Hours In 2022

Depending on your local Walmart location, the customer service desk may be open during different hours on weekdays. For the most part, it is open between 7 am and 11 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 10 pm Saturday to Sunday. However, this varies from store to store so always check first before visiting.

What Is The Best Time To Return Something To Walmart?

Generally, if you wish to avoid the most hassle when returning any item to Walmart, you should try to avoid returning an item when the customer service desk is about to close.

This is only fair on the staff, and saves you the stress of potentially being told to come back the next day.

If you also wish to avoid a large queue, make sure to visit the customer service desk during off-peak hours, when fewer customers are usually in the store.

Can I Return Items Outside Of The Walmart Customer Service Desk Hours?

Walmart stores generally prefer to have returns requests be processed at the customer service desks, as staff at these areas are trained to handle such requests.

However, depending on the Walmart location, certain stores may be willing to allow you to make a return at a cashier’s desk, outside of the Customer Service hours.

Additionally, it is best not to do this, as it can greatly inconvenience staff in the store, who, when the customer service desk is closed, maybe preparing to close the store for the day.

Before heading into Walmart to return a product, you may want to become familiar with Walmarts different policies on returning items without a receipt, returning products without a box, returning items to a different Walmart store, and returning video games.

Conclusion: Walmart Returns Hours 

Walmart handles the majority of its returns at customer service desks in all of its stores. It is best to make returns when these desks are open, and during off-peak times to avoid stress where possible.

Walmart stores can accommodate returns outside of the customer service desk, but this should be done sparingly, as it can be greatly inconvenient. 

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