What Is Amazon OTP In 2022? (+ Other Common FAQs)

As one of the top retailers in the world, Amazon sells millions of products every day, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually.

If you’ve ever tried to log into Amazon, you may be asking, what is Amazon OTP? The same thing crossed my mind, so I did some digging, and here’s what I learned!

What Is Amazon OTP In 2022?

Amazon OTP stands for “one-time password,” an extra layer of security required for some deliveries as of 2022. You may need an Amazon OTP for high-value items like technology, jewelry, or furniture. In this case, Amazon sends the OTP to your account email address, and you’ll be prompted to read the six-digit numeric OTP to the delivery driver.

If you want to know more about Amazon OTP, including how to get one and why this security level is essential, keep reading for answers to all the most common FAQs!

Why Do You Need Amazon OTP?

Amazon ships over a million packages every day, and some are worth more than others. So, if you’re getting a box of groceries worth $20 or $30, you don’t need a one-time password.

But, if you order a new computer or phone, Amazon will likely ask you for an OTP.

Also, considering package theft in the US is at a record high with 1.7 million packages lost or stolen each day, Amazon takes package safety and security seriously.

Therefore, it’s not that Amazon wants to make your life more difficult by requiring an OTP sometimes; it’s just that the e-retailer prioritizes customer service and wants to make sure every customer gets what they ordered.

By requiring an OTP for expensive orders, Amazon provides greater peace of mind for both delivery drivers and customers that the package is going to the right place.

That said, you’ll know if you need an Amazon OTP after ordering an expensive item, usually something worth around $500 or higher.

So, if you get an email from Amazon with an OTP, you’ll need to provide that passcode to accept your package.

As you can see, an Amazon OTP is like multi-level authentication for your valuable delivery.

Fortunately, the company provides clear instructions in the OTP email, so it’s a simple step that offers additional security for items worth a lot of money.

One other thing to keep in mind is that, while Amazon has a fairly generous stolen package policy, missing packages can cost both the company and customer time and money, as well as shake consumer confidence.

That’s why an OTP is so important, and these extra verification methods are becoming more popular not just at Amazon but for many other retailers and companies around the world.

How Does Amazon OTP Work?

How Does Amazon OTP Work?

If your Amazon order requires a one-time passcode, you’ll receive an email once the item ships.

With that, it’s similar to a passcode requested by a bank or online retailer before you make a large transaction, except instead of entering the OTP right away, you provide it at the time of delivery.

For Amazon orders that need an OTP, you’ll see the six-digit numeric code in your email or view it through the package tracking option in your orders.

Then, this OTP remains valid through the end of the scheduled delivery day, and all you need to do is read the passcode to the driver to confirm your identity.

After that, you can sign for the package and be on your way.

Moreover, Amazon does note a few recommendations for one-time passcodes, such as forwarding the passcode if you’re not the recipient, but they live in your household.

Also, if you won’t be home for the package delivery, you’re able to share the OTP with someone else to receive the package for you.

Of course, this should be someone you know and trust, and if there isn’t anyone available, Amazon will try to deliver it again the next day.

Can I Turn Amazon OTP Off?

Amazon requires one-time passwords for some deliveries, usually those that require a signature when the delivery driver drops off your item.

While you can’t turn off Amazon OTP for delivery drop-offs, you can let Amazon know if no one will be home so they can attempt the delivery the following day.

Also, there’s an option to turn off Amazon OTP for account login, separate from delivery passcodes.

That said, Amazon typically uses two-step verification for account registration, and sometimes you may get one if you’re trying to log back into your account.

Further, Amazon uses OTP requests when logging in on a new device to avoid untrusted computer access.

So, one way to turn off or prevent OTP requirements in the future is to securely save your password on a trusted browser for seamless logins.

On top of that, you do have the option of an alternate sign-in for two-step verification on Amazon when signing in. That said, these are the steps to do so:

  • Enter your sign-in details and hit “Submit.”
  • If an error message pops up that your email and password combo is incorrect on a new device, you’ll get a security code via text, call, or authenticator app.
  • Add the security code to the end of your Amazon password and submit. As an example, if “abcdef” is your password and you got “12345” as your security code, enter “abcdef12345” as your password to get into your account.

Why Did Amazon Send Me A Verification Code?

Amazon usually sends a verification code for one of two reasons:

  • Ensure account security when logging in for the first time on a new device
  • Double-check an expensive delivery is safely dropped off and received

If you receive an Amazon OTP email, keep in mind you may have an expensive delivery on the way.

However, you can track your deliveries within your orders, so you’re prepared to provide the OTP to your delivery driver when they arrive.

Otherwise, if you get a verification code from Amazon, it’s probably because you or someone else is trying to log into your account.

So, if you think this is a mistake or your account may be compromised, it’s essential to take steps to secure your account.

Also, Amazon says it sends verification codes for certain digital services, and the company may increase security and send more verification codes in the future.

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Amazon OTP is a one-time password, a common security measure used by the eCommerce giant and many other companies in today’s digital age, especially as personal safety and security remain vital considerations.

Anyone who shops, sells, or streams on Amazon should expect the occasional OTP request, as Amazon uses this form of multi-level authentication to confirm identities and minimize security threats.

Further, most Amazon OTP requests are for valuable deliveries that require a signature, such as electronics or jewelry worth more than $500.

If your order requires an OTP, you’ll get an email from Amazon with a six-digit passcode to repeat to the delivery driver.

That said, it’s up to you if you want to share your delivery OTP with someone else so they can accept the package for you.

However, if you are logging into Amazon from a new device and need an OTP, you should enter it yourself for safety reasons.

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