Aldi Almond Milk In 2022 (Price, Types, Carrageenan + More)

As more people embrace a plant-based diet and lifestyle, almond milk has surged in popularity, with 1.8 billion dollars worth of sales in a single. It’s low in calories and sugar, with lots of calcium, plus vitamins E and D, and a nutty, sweet flavor.

You might be wondering what kind of almond milk supermarket chain Aldi sells, as their stores are smaller and their variety tends to be more limited than in larger grocery stores. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what I found!

Aldi Almond Milk In 2022

Aldi carries almond milk under their Friendly Farms private label, which includes sweetened and unsweetened, in original and vanilla flavor, as well as chocolate. Aldi also carries an organic option, which comes in unsweetened original. Prices range between $1.79 and $2.75 for 64-oz cartons.

To find out more about the different types of almond milk on Aldi’s shelves, what each kind will cost you and whether or not Aldi’s almond milk contains the chemical carrageenan, keep reading!

What Kind Of Almond Milk Does Aldi Sell?

For a chain that prides itself on selling just the basics, Aldi’s almond milk variety does not lack. Here are the kinds of almond milk you can find in Aldi’s refrigerated coolers, in the same area as all their milk products. (All fall under the Friendly Farms label.)

  • Almond Unsweetened Original – This Friendly Farms label item is a dupe for the more famous brand, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. A totally vegan product, the unsweetened original is perfect for cereal, smoothies or in coffee. It comes in 64-oz cartons and sells for $1.79.
  • Almond Unsweetened Vanilla – The “sister” almond milk to the original flavor, the vanilla version is also completely vegan and makes a great creamer substitute. It also sells for $1.79 for 64 oz.
  • Almond Sweetened Original & Vanilla – If you’re looking for something that tastes a little sweeter (perhaps to win over some youngsters in the family), the sweetened original and vanilla almond milk by Friendly Farms are a good choice. These cartons are also $1.79 for 64 oz.
  • Chocolate – One of the hardest things about switching from dairy to non-dairy products is often finding that there is less variety. Luckily, Aldi sells their Friendly Farms almond milk in a tasty chocolate flavor as well, at $1.79 for 64 oz.
  • Organic Almond Original – For those who love the Friendly Farms label but prefer to buy organic, Aldi has an organic, original flavor almond milk to ensure greater purity of product and higher standards of manufacturing. It costs slightly more at $2.45 per 64-oz.

It appears that Aldi sells another type of almond milk under their Simply Nature label, meaning it is organic.

However, while it is listed on their website, it is confusingly listed on Aldi’s Instacart storefront (in my area, at least) with the wrong picture (instead, there is a Friendly Farms organic almond milk image), nor is the product on the price list website I use.

Whatever the case, this type comes in both unsweetened original and vanilla flavor, and even better, the unsweetened vanilla actually garnered Cooking Light’s Best of designation in that category.

Also, as part of their Aldi Finds line, Aldi sporadically sells 32-oz containers of shelf-stable (at least before opening it) Friendly Farms unsweetened almond milk (in original and vanilla), as well as sweetened almond milk, in vanilla.

These sell for $1.79 when they’re in stock, and I’ve seen them on shelves at least a few times per year.

Is Aldi Almond Milk Cheap?

Is Aldi Almond Milk Cheap?

As mentioned, Aldi’s almond milk ranges in price from $1.79 to $2.45. As you will see, those are some of the most competitive prices for almond milk on the market.

The containers that sell for $1.79 include the 64-oz Friendly Farms Unsweetened in original and vanilla, sweetened in original and vanilla, the chocolate flavor, and the Aldi Finds 32-oz non-perishable (until opened) varieties.

The pricier almond milk at $2.45 is, as you would expect, the organic kind.

Comparing these to comparable name brands, 64-oz Silk cartons are $2.78; Almond Breeze is $2.97. Compared to store brands, Aldi’s Friendly Farms label still comes out on top, as Walmart’s Great Value entry clocks in at $1.86 per container.

The field narrows for organic almond milk; Walmart doesn’t sell a store brand version, nor does my Walmart store appear to even carry any. Instead, Wegmans does carry its own store brand organic almond milk.

Sold in a 48-oz container, it’s $3.99, or 8 cents per fluid oz, whereas Aldi’s is fully half that: a mere 4 cents per fluid oz.

As with so many products, Aldi’s almond milk is among the cheapest – if not the very lowest, price-wise – you can find.

Does Aldi Almond Milk Contain Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is an additive that helps thicken food and beverages, and you can find it a lot in non-dairy items.

This all sounds innocuous enough, except that the chemical has been linked to gastrointestinal distress, increased tumors and even colon cancer.

While studies aren’t entirely conclusive on this point, the less harmful chemicals we put into our bodies, the better, right? So finding a good almond milk that doesn’t contain carrageenan is very important to some people.

Some labels actually come right out and put the word in the ingredient list, but carrageenan can by many other names as well. Here is a handy list and informative website on that topic.

However, you will be happy to know that Aldi’s Friendly Farms label products do not contain carrageenan – and not only that, some name brand almond milks do!

Is Aldi Almond Milk Good?

Aldi’s almond milk offerings are generally very well received!

Not only have they ended up on a few “Best of” lists, including both the aforementioned Cooking Light list and’s almond milk round-up, some fans on Facebook cite the Friendly Farms drink as one of their must-haves during every Aldi trip.

Commenters on Reddit discussed Aldi’s almond milk versus Almond Breeze, with many favoring it over the brand name.

Where Does Aldi Almond Milk Come From?

Did you know that you can find the source of your Aldi almond milk (and, really, any milk)? It’s true.

Aldi doesn’t actually manufacture many of their goods; in the case of milk products, they partner with local or regional farmers and then apply their own labels.

You can find the actual source of the almond milk on some products by looking at a code near the expiration date.

If you see a series that starts with two numbers and then is followed by a dash and one to five more numbers, you can use the website to find the source of your almond milk.

Not all Aldi milks are imprinted with this code (my Friendly Farms unsweetened original isn’t), but if you see one that is, try it!

Now that you know about Aldi, you may also see our related posts on where does Aldi milk come from, who makes Aldi products, and why Aldi is so cheap.


Aldi sells high-quality almond milk for the lowest prices around, including unsweetened in original or vanilla, sweetened in original and vanilla, chocolate and a few organic options.

If dairy doesn’t agree with you or you just prefer a plant-based diet, don’t sleep on Aldi’s tasty offerings, and check out their other non-dairy milk products as well!

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