Are IKEA Meatballs Precooked? [+ 7 Other Interesting FAQs!]

When IKEA comes to the forefront of our mind, we may initially think of their desirable home furniture however, you’ll soon imagine their irresistibly affordable meals.

Across the world, customers travel to stores to taste IKEA’s famous meatballs, so wouldn’t you love to know how they are made? I found out whether meatballs at IKEA are precooked or fresh!

Are IKEA Meatballs Precooked?

Frozen store-bought IKEA meatballs are pre-cooked, which means they only need to be heated up to eat. For ovens, place the meatballs on a tray in a preheated oven at 425°F (225°C) for 15 minutes. For microwaving, place the IKEA meatballs in a microwave-safe container and heat for 2-3 minutes on a high-temperature setting.

Keep on reading for all you need to know about the iconic IKEA meatballs!

Can You Reheat IKEA Meatballs?

Yes, IKEA meatballs can be reheated as they are primarily made of beef and pork.

If you have some leftover IKEA meatballs in the fridge, you can reheat them for around 2 minutes on high in a microwave-safe dish.

What Are IKEA Meatballs Made From?

IKEA meatballs are primarily made up of processed beef and pork mince (totaling 84%) and other ingredients, including water, egg, breadcrumbs, and salt and pepper.

Can You Eat IKEA Meatballs Cold?

Yes, since IKEA meatballs are all precooked, you can eat them cold straight from the fridge.

Why Are IKEA Meatballs So Good?

Whether you’re referring to the price point or scrumptious taste, the IKEA meatballs are undoubtedly the highlight of the menu!

Flavors of combined beef and pork mince are accompanied by subtle yet complimentary seasoning, making them a favorite among IKEA shoppers.

Additionally, IKEA has been perfecting their meatball recipe for decades uses a traditional Swedish recipe meatball recipe, hence why they are so good!

How Many Meatballs Does IKEA Sell A Day?

It is estimated that IKEA sells around 2.7 million individual meatballs a day in-store and through their frozen meatball range.

Additionally, it is estimated that IKEA sells over one billion meatballs every year, with 30% of customers visiting IKEA for the restaurant alone!

How Much Do Meatballs Cost At IKEA?

The price of both GRÖNSAKSBULLAR plant-based and KÖTTBULLAR meat-made meatballs will cost $5.99 at IKEA restaurants. You’ll receive an adult plate portion containing 5-12 meatballs.

1000g of your favorite meatballs are pre-cooked, frozen, and ready to take home. Select either traditional meat costing $5.95 or opt-in for the plant-based alternative for $6.99.

Does IKEA Sell Meatballs?

Yes, purchase a plate ready to eat in-store for just $5.99. You’ll receive 5-12 meatballs accompanied with sides of your choice, including mash, gravy, fries, peas, and lingonberry jam.

If you’re a big meatball fan, you’ll be delighted to know that you can take home a pre-cooked frozen bag of HUVUDROLL meatballs for just $5.95. Packs are exclusively sold in-store, so keep your eyes peeled.

Vegans and Vegetables need not worry; IKEA stores offer a plant-based alternative at restaurants and take home.

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Yes, IKEA meatballs are pre-cooked as the restaurant operates with a select and serve system. Buy a plate of meat or plant-based meatballs for $5.99 or purchase a frozen pack for $5.95-$6.99. Packages are only available in IKEA stores.

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